Fantastic knew levels of customer service from Suncorp
Fantastic knew levels of customer service from Suncorp

In December 2107 just before Christmas Suncorp opened its first Fantastic Product Concept Store in Pitt Street Mall – Sydney. As a result Suncorp take customer service to the next level.

Koffeeone were privileged to assist Suncorp With the knew store in Pitt Street and provided the following following Combination of Products. Why ? To ensure Suncorp has the very best coffee and the very best machinery so as to provide the very best service possible to its clients possible.

Suncorp Take Customer Service to The Next Level with Koffeeone
Suncorp Take Customer Service to The Next Level with Koffeeone
Suncorp Take Customer Service to The Next Level with Koffeeone

The Reason Suncorp Chose The Mythos One Grinder

Why Suncorp Elected to use Pierro Coffee

Black Eagle Coffee Machine

This unique espresso machine is for all those who dedicate their lives to coffee. Especially those who study. Research and experiment every day to transfer a real coffee experience to the cup.  Therefore this is the espresso machine for specialty barista. As a result This is also the official espresso machine for the World Barista Championship 2015 to 2017. Hence the perfect choice for Suncorp.

The solution for Suncorp barista’s

The barista has to work safely with a coffee machine. Black Eagle is designed to ensure maximum comfort. An example of this increased attention to the barista is.  “Push & Pull”. The drive system for the steam nozzle. That  avoids unnecessary stress on the barista’s arms. So the barista will never be too tired to prepare another cappuccino!  Therefore another example why The Black eagle is the perfect Solution for Suncorp. Koffeeone wish Suncorp all the success in the world with the new store.

Suncorp Take Customer Service to The Next Level.

Mythos One Grinder

Mythos One is the new generation of on demand coffee grinders. Designed with the highest level of technology. And with many smart devices to meet the needs of the most demanding barista.

The new frontier for grinders

Mythos One stands out for its innovative Clima Pro technology. And for the Clump Crusher system. A system that ensures dose consistency. Regularity and accuracy in the coffee stream outflow. Therefore  giving better extraction quality. The technology of the Mythos One has not gone unnoticed. Day after day more and more baristas appreciate its features. And its new systems that help to bring consistent quality to espresso. The Mythos One grinder and the VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine are a winning combination. For baristas who want to offer their customers a true coffee experience.

Suncorp Take Customer Service to The Next Level.

Pierro Coffee

Wholesale Coffee Beans Roasted for Australian Espresso Coffee Machines

These hand selected coffee beans create a fresh, thick, reddish-brown tantalising crema. That is distinctive with the name Pierro Coffee. So with the correct extraction you will taste a sensational balance between sweetness. Bitterness and acidity. These characters signifiy the Pierro roasting methods. Pierro Coffee is the brand with a 20 year reputation. Built on  excellence in coffee roasting across North America and Europe. Experience the taste and texture of true Italian Espresso. Every time  with Pierro wholesale coffee beans.

Rosso Blend

Enjoy the spoils of the earth…. Rosso espresso machine blend is full bodied. And robust just like a fine red wine . The Rosso blend Is a medium dark roast especially made to kick start your day.

Suncorp Take Customer Service to The Next Level

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    Suncorp Take Customer Service to The Next Level

    Koffeeone have many options for all our customers

    An automatic coffee machine range to select from. Along with The Marco range of Machinery.

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