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Nuova Simonelli Automatic Coffee Machines.

Microbar Automatic Coffee Machine 

Suitable for:
First of all Small coffee corners. And Locations with high employee turnover. Most noteworthy Self service locations. Also Office buildings. And where the required daily production is up to 80 cups.
Compact Automatic Coffee Machine
Yet it has the  characteristics of a professional machine. Yet compact. Consequently The Microbar II is versatile. And with a wide drink selection. In addition comes in either a direct water connection or 5 liter tanked version.

Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine


Most of all the pronto is  medium sized commercial automatic coffee machine. One that is Fair in price. Yet excellent in quality. And true value for money. While equal in performance to a much larger super automatic coffee machine. As a result every customer that has the Nuova Simonelli Pronto coffee machine is extremely happy.

 The pronto will perform sensationally well into the future and you will have great espresso coffee for years to come.

Carimali Automatic Coffee Machine.

Carimali Armonia Automatic Coffee Machine


Most Relevant is the Carimali Armonia automatic coffee machine is characterized by a 7 inch Touch Screen. Hence it can be paired perfectly with with an ANDROID SYSTEM and totally adaptable. As a result Up to 30 drink choices can be programmed. Either as espresso drinks and milk based drinks. Also water for tea. In addition clients can transfer films. Music and specific images to the screen for each single drink


Optima Automatic Coffee Machine



Most Noteworthy is the Carimali Optima Soft Plus Automatic Coffee Machine is a Cutting-edge bean to cup coffee machine. Due to the new display touch screen. In Addition you can upload up to 30 drink selections. All customizable. Both for product choice.  Coffee or milk-based drinks.  instant Drinks. Even hot water for tea. Therefore you can select the language and drink size . Small. Medium and large cups.



Rex Royal Automatic Coffee Machines.

Rex Royal S200 Automatic Coffee Machine


The Rex Royal S200 stands for simplicity in the preparation of Espresso Coffee. Most of all the precision design makes the powerful Rex-Royal S200. A perfect automatic coffee machine solution – from ristretto to cappuccino. If desired, it prepares two beverages at the same time. In addition its driven by a 7″ capacitive touchscreen with “Ambient” illumination. An all round perfect coffee machine.


S300 By Rex Royal 





The Rex Royal S300 Automatic Coffee Machine


In addition to the 200 the 300 is almost the perfect super – automatic corporate coffee machine. First of all it has been engineered to make great coffee.. Most of all for any large office. As a result the machines superior performance comes from the patented metal brewing group. Henceit reproduces the operation of a traditional coffee machine.  Because all the tamping and pre-infusing the ground coffee is done for you.  Consequently producing a rich full extraction. Probably not available from other corporate coffee machines.


Our Customers Feedback.

automatic Coffee Machine for your office

automatic Coffee Machine for your cafe

automatic Coffee Machine and espresso machines


Koffeeone – Automatic Coffee Machine Specilalists.

Most Of All Over  30 Years Experience and expertise.

Also Delivering 100% Pure Espresso Coffee.  From World Class Coffee Beans.

In addition We Have The Best Commercial Coffee Machines. Commercial Automatic Coffee Machines and Espresso Machines.

While Providing Quality After Sales Service With A Professionally Trained and Skilled National Service Network.

Our Commitment and Guarantee.

First Of All. Perfect Espresso Coffee Every Time

And Reliability And Longevity Of Operation Of Every Machine.

Most Noteworthy Every Machine Is Easy To Use.

Especially Relevant Is Every Machine Is Reliable And Are Consistent in Performance.

Including Quality After Sales Service With With 12 Months Warranty.

In Addition 3 Months Free Cleaning Products With Every Machine Purchase.

In Conclusion 10 Kg Free World Class Coffee With Every Machine Purchase.


What Our Customers Say About Us

….. we currently rent all our automatic coffee machines from Koffeeone, the support and service is exceptional and with coffee being such an important part of our daily working lives it makes my life so much easier to have a professional partner like Koffeeone making it all happen with no fuss.

Jeremy Bowick

National Facilities Projects Manager, DLA Piper

Koffeeone is our current automatic coffee machine supplier. We have been working with Koffeeone for several years. Partnering together to provide our staff sensational espresso coffee.

Koffeeone supply all our coffee equipment to our site.

It is so comforting to know you have a partner as professional as Koffeeone to supply your coffee requirements.

Rick Howell


Our Promise From Our CEO Peter Walker.

“We ensure we only supply the very best office coffee machines. Why ? Because we Gurantee the longevity of operation. Therefore   make sure your commercial  automatic coffee machines require minimal operational attention. By your staff or user alike.  Hence all  our commercial automatic coffee machines are very easy to maintain and use.”

Koffeeone dedicate their whole resources to being the very best automatic coffee machine supplier in Australia.  So as to ensure all our fantastic clients and customers coffee experience is a memorable event.  Due to our dedicated sales team, Furthermore we provide a  national Skilled technical support Team. Koffeeone are the perfect partners for all your office coffee needs. Our clients testimonials speak for themselves.  Koffeeone is well respected and appreciated in the market. Therefore  Koffeeone can assist you also to provide world class coffee at the touch of a button. Therefore you too can enjoy excellent espresso coffee today.Don’t wait another minute.

Either call us on 02 9818 4677 or email us at [email protected] And we will be in touch and will asisst you with the machine for your requirements. Finally we can turn your office coffee break into treat for all your valuable staff and customers alike.

Our Treasured Customers  

Most Of All You Will Find Koffeeone Coffee Machines In Many Fantastic Australian Companies.

Automatic Coffee Machine Coffee Machine Wholesalers and commercial espresso machine

Automatic Coffee Machine Coffee Machine Wholesalers and industrial coffee machine

Automatic Coffee Machine Coffee Machine Wholesalers and automatic coffee machine

Automatic Coffee Machine cafe coffee machine


Automatic Coffee Machine Coffee Machine Wholesalers and italian coffee machines



Automatic Coffee Machine Coffee Machine Wholesalers and commercial coffee machine


Automatic Coffee Machine italian coffee machine

Automatic Coffee Machine white eagle coffee machine


Automatic Coffee Machine Black Eagle Coffee machine

Automatic Coffee Machine nuova simonelli coffee machine


Automatic Coffee Machine traditional espresso machine


Automatic Coffee Machine espresso coffee machine


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