Factory Coffee Machines Australian Supplier

Factory Coffee Machines Australian Supplier and importer. Treat your staff with the best beverages around from your very own factory coffee machine.

We know how crucial coffee breaks are to a workplace. And how vital it is to provide a good quality option to satisfy requests.

All of our commercial factory coffee machines are proficient in brewing up superior quality coffee drinks efficiently. However they are also extremely easy to use and are perfect for self-serve locations. For both large and small factory environments.

Whether you are looking for a top of the range digital option. Or an easy and customisable single-serve station. First of all you can be assured that we at KoffeeOne. Will be able to give you a machine which will be the ideal fit for your location.

Why does the factory need a coffee machine?

Think of an factory coffee machine it as an asset in both the business and your staff.

Being deprived of one, staff might linger around the kettle whilst it boils. Or even leave the office to go to a local coffee shop. Maybe a cafe in order to get their cup of joe. Visualise this happening once or twice a day. And then logically think about how much this could cost the business in lost labour.

Hence a factory coffee machine won’t just pay for itself. By introducing dedicated espresso machines on-site. Your staff can enjoy gourmet and specialty drinks. From popular brands quickly without leaving the office. Staff morale will increase and you’ll certainly be celebrated for your decision. It is your treat to them after all!

Factory Coffee Machines Options

Single-serve or bean to cup?

Single serve

A single serve machine prepares coffee quickly. And simply by removing the need for somebody to measure ingredients. Additives and flavourings. Another great quality of these machines is the wide range of options available to them. No matter if you prefer a latte. A flavoured tea or a velvety hot chocolate. There is a single serve option for you.

Bean to cup

If you want a virtual barista then a bean to cup is the machine for you. This exceptionally versatile and high performing alternative uses fresh ingredients to brew a wide range of cafe high quality speciality beverages, all at the touch of a button. Some bean to cup models can also use powdered ingredients, giving you the option to offer creme brulees and hot chocolates to staff, as well as fresh coffee.


Factory Coffee Machines Sydney
Factory Coffee Machines Sydney
Factory Coffee Machines Sydney