So what exactly goes into a bag of roasted wholesale coffee beans?

Coffee is grown in more than 50 countries world wide. As a matter of fact coffee is second only to oil in popularity and  dollar value.

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A Scientific Look At Coffee Beans

Coffee is a brewed beverage and is derived from berries or beans that have been grown on a coffee tree.

There are  approximately  one  hundred species of coffee trees. however there are  only a few that are commercially relevant,when it comes to the wholesale coffee industry. The most common type of coffee tree  is known as

genus Coffea. The most important  part of the coffea is the cherry or drupa, which is referred to as the fruit. The fruit of the tree or the drupa is what is harvested and roasted to become coffee.

The drupa has a hard meaty flesh with two semi-spherical seeds and theses seeds become what is know as the coffee bean. When coffee trees are farmed they generally only grow to about two meters in height. However when coffee trees grow in there own natural habitat they can reach up to 8 meters and beyond.