white eagle espresso machine

VA358 White Eagle Espresso Machine

The VA358 White Eagle espresso machine from Victoria Arduino is made for coffee makers who believe in quality and consistency above all else. It is especially dedicated to speciality coffee.

Most of us would definitely appreciate a mean cup of espresso any morning or evening, or whichever time of the day you feel best suited for coffee. Soon enough, most coffee shops will be brewing this wonderful syrupy concoction from a high quality espresso machine that integrates both traditional and new advancements in espresso machine technology.

With the new trends in speciality coffee, the VA358 has come up with various changes that mark it as one of a kind including the possibility of serving tall glasses. This espresso machine comes in two forms:

– VA358 White Eagle 2GR; and
– VA358 White Eagle 3GR.

They are basically the same thing, however, with the difference being in the capacity they can handle. VA358 3GR is bigger with a power of up to 9500W while the 2GR has the limit of 7600W. Still, they both function under the same T3 technology.

The T3 technology ensures that the espresso machine performs at optimal temperature stability. The technology basically lets the barista work three temperatures at a go: for the steam, brewing group and water infusion. This method allows for a highly controlled espresso making.

The Easycream Milk-Frothing System

The possibilities that come with the VA358 just get better with the easycream technology. This system allows you to heat up and froth milk to whatever degree you desire.

This is easily achievable with the new wand that makes use of its marginal holes or what their description refers to as “tangential holes”, plus a steam-and-air mixing technology. The easycream system clearly works as it delivers high-quality creamy milk.

Thermally Insulated Wand

The VA358 also boasts of a thermally insulated wand that eliminates the risk of burning and therefore offers complete safety. So now, while you are pulling yourself or a customer their favourite cup of espresso macchiato, you no longer have to concern yourself with accidental burns.

The wand also makes cleaning up the espresso machine easier and faster.

TFT Screen

Talk of technology advancements! The VA358 leaves nothing to chance when it comes to preparing the perfect cup of espresso. It comes equipped with a miniature TFT display that relates info to the barista of what the T3 system is doing, giving out real-time info to ensure perfection.

The Lever System

The lever system of VA358 White Eagle offers the barista the ease that comes with technology while at the same time giving him the opportunity to express his own skills. The system allows the espresso machine to balance a little bit of both tradition and technology to make the outcome wondrous.

The new VA358 White Eagle is definitely a long-awaited addition to coffee making. The machine is entirely made of both aluminium and steel. It avoids unnecessary bulk, also, aluminium slats make up the sides giving the hull the impression of an eagle’s wings.

The Experts

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