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White Eagle The Quality Machines

There are so many brands and manufacturers involved in the manufacture of these coffee makers. The newest entrant, which subsequently forms the basis of our review, is the White Eagle coffee machines.

Coffee is a great beverage indeed. It mainly serves to refresh. However, it may also quench thirst, beat cold, and fill the stomach, among several other purposes. To leverage these benefits, you definitely want an appliance that is easy to use and pretty efficient.

It is manufactured by the Italian-based Victoria Arduino. This is a world-leading manufacturer of espresso coffee machines and grinders. The company also won the 2015 World Barista Championship. In the review that follows, we are going to explain its key features and outstanding benefits in finer details.

Outstanding Features And Benefits

T3 Technology

This technology basically grants users the ability to determine the temperature at which the coffee is prepared. Temperature is the parameter that determines the strength of the final outcome. This technology enables you to master the level of temperature throughout the preparation process. This, in turn, generates smooth and consistent results.

The technology was developed after intense studies, experimentation, research, and collaboration with top baristas in bars. This collaboration led to the creation of a solution which enables coffee makers to muster and control each aspect of the process. It basically lets baristas set three temperatures options. These are the water infusion, the steam, and the brewing group.

Besides the temperature of coffee making, a high-quality espresso is also determined by the extraction water temperatures. This coffee is well able to regulate this as well. It basically lets you check the levels of water supply thermal precision. This, in turn, generates the stable temperatures necessary for excellent espresso. The appliance also possesses an electronic system that is fitted with probes. These control the temperature, PID, and pressure, all of which direct each change.

EasyCream Technology

No coffee is complete and wholesome without the froth or cream. The White Eagle coffee maker understands this only too well. That is why it incorporates the EasyCream Technology. This technology basically froths milk faster and in a professional manner. The technology grants the baristas power to produce creamy cappuccinos as well as great flat white. In all, the technology embodies cutting edge technology which gives rise to consistent and great results indeed.

Cool Touch Steam Wand

You will find this coffee maker safer for your hands. This is by reason of the existence of this feature. This feature prevents your hands from sustaining burns. It also makes the appliance simpler to clean. It does so by keeping the coffee maker very cold at all times even when the coffee that is being prepared is steaming. It further forestalls the risk of scalding and does not sustain any crusts or stains by the milk.

Easy Controls

It also does come along with a TFT screen. On this screen are displayed all the relevant pieces of information that govern the coffee that is being made. By reason of the existence of this feature, you will find the appliance simpler and more convenient to engage.

The screen allows you to among others alter the brewing temperature, monitor the shot time, keep pace with the group temperature, pressure of the hot water heater, energy consumption, and extra pre-infusion, among others. The machine is also fitted with a push-and-pull lever system which allows you to obtain steam in the shortest time possible.

Structural Makeup

Lastly, the coffee maker is made of aluminium and stainless steel. The aluminium is used to make up the sides whereas the rest of the body is made of stainless steel. It generally resembles eagle’s wings. Its controls are engineered to blend seamlessly with each other. In this regard, they are very breathtaking to behold.


Generally speaking, the appliance works comfortably, securely, and swiftly. It also consumes less electrical energy, not to mention the fact that it delivers awesome results. You, therefore, have no option but to contemplate acquiring and incorporating it into your kitchen appliance collections!

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