White Eagle Coffee Machine

White Eagle Coffee Machines Overview

Most Noteworthy The White Eagle Coffee Machine is manufactured in Italy by Victoria Arduino. Especially relevant is Victoria Arduino  are  world leaders in the research. Development and the manufacturing of high end coffee machinery like the White Eagle.

 Features and Benefits Of Our White Eagle Coffee Machines

Another key point is the White Eagle  Coffee Machine combine T3 Technology with cool touch steam wands. Coupled with the easy cream function to deliver a coffee of the highest standard.

White Eagle Coffee Machines T3 Technology

Most important The White Eagles has three temperature controls developed using T3 technology.  In other words the electronics on board allow the water fusion. Plus  steam supply and the brewing group to be controlled at each stage.  Undoubtedly T3 is the most important feature of the White Eagle

Easy Cream Function White Eagle Coffee Machines

Unquestionably The white Eagle Easy Cream function allows milk to be frothed faster and more professionally.  That is to say The easy cream technology basically means creamier milk based coffee’s. Especially cappuccinos and lattes.Most important the White Eagle Easy Cream function embodies cutting edge technology and gives great results.

The White Eagle Coffee Machine comes with cool touch steam wands. This feature can prevent harmful burns which is of utmost importance. The cool touch steam wands also means no more baked on milk fats or blocked steam jets

Modern Designed White Eagle Coffee Machines

Lastly but still important is the design, the white Eagle is made of aluminium and shiny stainless steel.With its sleek shape the side panels resemble an eagle in  flight. This coffee machine ticks all the boxes with its design and perform