Victoria Arduino coffee machines high technology and dependability are the outcome of joining together the stunning breakthrough, experience and tradition all in one coffee machine.

Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle

The Victoria Arduino VA388 ‘Black Eagle’ espresso machine is envisioned to meet up with the demands of famous coffee shops, delivering the accurate intensity, capability and intention strongly wished for by baristas throughout the globe.

The VA388, also known as ‘Black Eagle’, is the espresso machine for all renowned coffee shops. With the combination of high cost components and the detailed precision assured by workmanship, almost all the advanced and new technologies are unlocking recently developed field of study for the entire coffee business.

Never before in an espresso coffee machine, the VA 388 has both ‘T3’ and ‘Gravimetric’ technologies. The T3 guarantees well-balanced heat while Gravimetric at all times dispenses the correct quantity of coffee in a cup.

The fusion of T3 and Gravimetric technologies results to a continuously outstanding espresso that a barista can be assured of. The barista may likewise customise each type of coffee to intensify its flavour and aroma.

Over the past years, espresso craft or technique has developed in search for accuracy and stability through moving upward. Some attempt to do small and there were these so-called ‘volumetrics’ relating to measurement by volume. Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle T3 espresso machine took the initial step to go further and announced the latest state-of-the-art, weight-based espresso known as ‘Gravimetrics’ for the automatic machines.

The Black Eagle is one of the most distinctive and modern espresso machines in the globe that almost all the coffee shop owners think of having one in their business is valuable quality wise. A prominent world barista champion was one of the designers of the Black Eagle and believed to be an extremely useful machine. Establishing the café for the destiny of espresso technology, Black Eagle is what coffee industry need.

For a quick impact, the Black Eagle is fashioned for the most part of its outer elegance with shiny stainless steel. The rhombus-shaped sides exhibit the feeling of quick action while the rectangular lines inscribed in the side panels have the qualities of an eagle’s wings in motion.

The espresso machine is comparatively short with 19.5” tall that creates more open space between the barista and the customers. An appealing TFT display and rotary switch on the front panel give easy administering over brew weight and temperature and even energy saving alternatives.

A huge 17-litre steam water heating system assures effectively unlimited steam to both steam wands which means that two baristas can easily work at the same time. The 9900-wattage (2-group 7100-wattage) heating system recovers water temperature rapidly and provides the Black Eagle the capacity to meet with the most challenging café situations.


Flow metres are not found in the Gravimetric Black Eagle but the built-in deposits found in the drip tray below the group heads calculate the liquid flow by weight. Since the flow metres measure only the liquid entering the portafilter, scales measure the water distributed from the portafilter.

This permits for a favourable level of accuracy and measurements. As dry portions fluctuate and coffee of assorted densities are used, The Black Eagle’s weight based system neutralises for these variables and brings consistent liquid volume with only 1ML variance. Put the cups or shot glasses straight onto the scale and the machine automatically tares the weight to zero. As the shot continue, weight is shown in real time on the digital display. Program up to six weight presets in the 3-group, and up to four in the 2-group.

T3 Temperature Technology

Victoria Arduino’s patented T3 technology presents full control over water temperature in the Black Eagle machine. Independent dial over the steam and brew heating system lets the barista optimise pressure for milk texturing, and to exactly retain the required brewing temperature. Each group head of the Black Eagle has its own .7L brew hot water unit, making it simple to take several loads of coffee. The third section of temperature switch is the saturated group head. Controlling group head temperature is one way to adjust brew temperature to operate removal. When a hasty modification is required and the barista chose not to change the grind size or its liquid volume, then waste no time on the brew heating unit to attain the correct temperature.