Victoria Arduino

Established 1905

Specializing In Premium Espresso Machines.


Mocha Latte

Making the Best Mocha Late on The Planet. With Every Black and White Eagle Machine you can produce perfect Beverages every time 


Combined with the best coffee beans and Top Barista’s Victoria Arduino Machines produce the world’s Finest Cappuccino’s.


Black Eagle and White Eagle Machines Deliver 100% Pure Espresso Every Shot. Victoria Arduino when only the best will do. 

The Victoria Arduino Story

Most Of All Victoria Arduino was founded in 1905 by Pier Teresio Arduino. Specifically with the aim of building an espresso machine.  Especially relevant it could not compromise on quality. Another key point was it could not compromise on quality materials or performance. As a result he redefined the perimeters. In other words created what we recognize as  modern espresso coffee machines.

Today The company is based in Belforte del Chienti Italy. This continuing the tradition of Pier Teresio Arduino. Explicitly investing in research to offer the most advanced espresso technologies.

Most Noteworthy Victoria Arduino is 2015-2017 World Barista Championship official partner. Coupled  with its VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine and Mythos Grinder range . Also our machines are used by the best world’s baristas . Because they All share the same passion. In particular they all seek to use ultimate espresso coffee machine.

Most compelling evidence of our quality is our machines are used in many countries throughout the world. Without reservation we feel we have developed the perfect espresso machine. On the positive side however we are continuing to research and improve our technology. Wit attention to achieving the perfect espresso. Meanwhile sharing the fun of espresso. Altogether a fun time to be in the coffee industry. Indeed we are very lucky and thank you Pier.

What is So Special About Victoria Arduino.

Excellent Coffee

Victoria Arduino Coffee Machines combined with Fresh Beans and a top barista equals perfect espresso. 

 Victoria Arduino Produce The Best Coffee Machines On The Planet.

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First Of All VA388 Black Eagle. Without a doubt is the espresso machine for all those who dedicate their lives to coffee. Particularly those who study. As well as research and experiment every day. What’s More wish  to transfer a real coffee experience to the cup.  Undeniably This is why Victoria Arduino is the official espresso machine provider. Without reservation for the World Barista Championship 2015 to 2017.

In Addition to The Black Eagle.  Most important  A new eagle is ready to spread its wings. Subsequently it will  land in all coffee shops soon. Obviously a machine that will continue to make make quality coffee. That is to say consistency is our mission.  Undeniably this is the new VA358 White Eagle. So being a Victoria Arduino machine it is dedicated to specialty coffee.


In addition to all the other great things in our range. Most important is we understand the role temperature plays. Unquestionably an extremely important role. Therefore we know  it strongly influences the quality of the espresso.  Hence  stable temperature provides an excellent and repeatable result.
For example through studies. Also ongoing research and experimentation. As well as working with the best baristas. Consequently we managed to find a solution. To clarify a process  that provides for the control of every single parameter. Hence T3, a technology was born. With out a doubt T3 allows the barista to set three temperatures. Most of all for the brewing group. Not to mention the water infusion and the steam.
Specifically What do you get?  Specifically Control of the water supply’s thermal accuracy.  And as a matter of fact  that results in temperature stability and ultimately in a perfect espresso. 

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