black eagle coffee machine

The Coffee Machine Professional Barista’s Use

va388 black eagleThis novel coffee machine is for individuals who devote their lives to espresso; who study, research and trial consistently to exchange a genuine espresso experience to the glass.

This is a coffee machine for the professional barista. This is additionally the official coffee machine for the World Barista Championship 2015 to 2017

The answer for barista health

The barista needs to work securely with an espresso machine intended to guarantee greatest comfort.

An illustration of this expanded consideration regarding the barista is “Push and Pull”, the drive framework for the steam spout that stays away from superfluous weight on the barista’s arms.

So the barista will never be excessively drained, making it impossible to get ready another cappuccino!

VA388 Black Eagle, the beginnings

An espresso machine for the the specialised café, a coffee machine that is steady, reliable and volumetric.

In the nonstop hunt down a steady result in the container, numerous baristas have checked and shown how the volumetric framework permits them to acquire an altogether higher quality repeatable item contrasted with the manual framework.

The volumetric form of the VA388 Black Eagle addresses this need and goes past. We needed to make an espresso machine for forte baristas, making a volumetric model with the best temperature solidness to help baristas in their day by day work.

We needed the new machine to enhance the relationship in the middle of client and barista.

The originator Viglino received a delicate style, with more bends and hilter kilter components, in an item 49 cm high.

VA388 Black Eagle new faces

Black and White, alternate extremes.

The inventiveness and new feeling of white meet with the force and determination of dark.

White and dark are the new faces of a coffee espresso machine that emerges for its robustness and its inventive aspects.

VA388 Black Eagle exhibits the white and the dark to make the machine more proper to the café identity and style.