black eagle volumetricVA388 Black Eagle Gravitech  , This espresso machine is for the barista’s who submit their lives to coffee; who study, explore and examine the craft to transfer a pure bona fide coffee experience to the customer.

This is the espresso machine for the specialised professional barista. This is also the official espresso machine for the 2015 to 2017 World Barista Championships.

VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech.

The coffee machine for the perfect cup of coffee

The Black Eagle Gravitech is a coffee machine that solves the ongoing issues of coffee consistency faced by all coffee shops.

Gravimetric advancement is just that: it guarantees an impeccable espresso coffee made with most compelling precision by ensuring complete control at all periods of extraction. The barista essentially needs to set the the size required for each blend.

Today, Gravimetric advancement presented on the master VA388 coffee machine infers that each espresso coffee can be made with the same quality, ensuring an enduring brew.

With The Gravimetric development, the measure of the liquid extracted is measured direct in the cup.

The data is significantly more correct and fundamentally not affected by various variables. For instance, the condition of the showerhead, the tamping on the coffee, the shape of the filter.

The barista reliably has full control of each movement, the quantity in the glass is always changed and any refinement between one transport and the accompanying is wiped out.


In the latest six months before the official dispatch of Gravitech four experienced baristas thoroughly tested the Gravitech coffee machine in their café in different parts of the globe.

They following four barista’s extensively tested the VA388 BE Gravitech

  • Colin Harmon (3fe – Dublin, Ireland)
  • Miki Suzuki (Maruyama Coffee – Tokyo, Japan)
  • Oskar Garberg (Johan&Nistrom – Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Ross Brown (Browns of Brockley – London, United Kingdom).

All reported positive reviews on the coffee machines performance and deliverability.

High advancement for espresso coffee extraction

Solid, definite and gravimetric. The new VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech is significantly more than an espresso machine; it is a change of each coffee blend and an announcement of each barista.

Hard and fast control of mixing time and liquid weight in each coffee cup.

Gravitech gives customers a more lifted measure of consistency and control over coffee mixing with most prominent precision.

VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech coffee machine