VA358 White Eagle The Quality Machine

Another brand sets its place in all coffee shops that made quality and consistency its goal. It is called the VA358 White Eagle coffee machine and is a Victoria Arduino machine dedicated to speciality coffee.

When speciality coffee requires tall cups – consistent, reliable, efficient. The VA358 White Eagle answers to the speciality coffee shops needs, providing the alternative use of tall cups and glasses to serve their flavourful experiences.

T3 Technology

The technology that assures maximum temperature strength of the espresso machine. In a professional coffee machine, temperature performs an extremely significant role as it strongly affects the quality of the espresso. T3 technology ensures a complete control of the temperature in each delivery phase. A steady temperature gives repeatedly excellent results.

Through studies, research, experimentation and working with the top baristas in bars, cafés the company personnel managed to discover a solution that allows for the control of every single scope of a particular process. It was then T3 was conceptualised, a technology that lets the barista to set three temperatures – for the brewing group, the water infusion and the steam.

The quality of a good espresso comes through a correct extraction water temperature. Check of the water supply’s thermal precision that generates temperature stability and ultimately in a perfect espresso. This also comes about due to an electronic system with probes for temperature, pressure and PID, which manages each change.

EasyCream Technology

The EasyCream technology is for frothing milk fast and professionally. This advancement gives each barista to produce every time creamy cappuccinos and excellent flat white. EasyCream technology transferred the experience of the best in edge technology to confirm more and more consistent cups to all coffee shops.

Cool touch steam wand

The innovative system that grants cleanliness and prevents burns. Easier cleaning and more safety for the barista. The new cool touch wand installed on the VA358 White Eagle coffee machine is always cold, even when delivering steam. It eliminates any risk of scalding for the barista and facilitate cleaning operations because of milk encrusting lack.

Easy Control

All the espresso machine informations in a TFT display. Baristas have complete control of the machine all because of the TFT display. Baristas can fix and monitor shot time, brewing temperature, group temperature, hot water heater pressure, extra pre-infusion and energy saving. The Push&Pull lever system lets the barista acquire steam in a fast and secured way.

It is a machine completely built in steel and aluminium. The sides are made of aluminium slats that give the framework the appearance of an eagle wings. The controls are aimed to blend elegantly and function with specific consideration given to ergonomics. With these features the barista are ensured to work swiftly, comfortably and securely.

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