Many coffee lovers are understanding espresso as the purest form of coffee, as it is the purest treatment of the coffee bean.

It may also be recognised as it is the first in instant coffees.

Before the great invention of instant coffee, it would take on average 5 minutes to wait for your cup of coffee to properly brew.

But how did the simplicity of the espresso beverage become so popular so fast you ask?

Well to begin, one must know what espresso actually is.

To begin clearly it is not a method of roasting coffee beans, contrary to what some supermarket coffee blends might suggest.

Frankly, it is neither a blend or a coffee bean, but more so a method of preparation of the coffee.

More specifically, espresso is the method of preparation in which hot water is forced over highly pressurised coffee grounds in order to produce an extremely concentrated coffee beverage with rich, robust flavours.

In discussing how to pull the perfect  coffee shot, it is important to remember that there is a lot of chemistry behind espresso making. It requires consistency and precision in finding the perfect balance between temperature, pressure and grind.

Hence, developments in coffee technology have been pivotal in the evolution of coffee making.

Therefore, one must not underestimate the power their coffee machine and grinders have over creating the perfect espresso, once you have realised exactly what an espresso really is.