traditional coffee machine

Peter Walker – CEO of Koffeeone

There are a lot of different theories on what makes a great coffee.

Is it the traditional coffee machine, the barista who makes the coffee, the cafés location or the brand of coffee bean?

I have often wondered why people are so loyal and follow a particular barista or type of coffee where ever they go.

When I find out I will be able to retire!

People Don’t Forget Bad Coffee….

But one thing I have learnt over the last 10 years of serving some of Sydney’s biggest cafés, restaurants and hotels is that when you make a bad coffee, people rarely forget.

So when you have a shopfront café in one of the busiest shopping centres in NSW, you had better make sure that your traditional coffee machine is up to the task.

That’s why the great people at Mr Espresso match their brilliant blends of coffee with one of of our Koffeeone Traditional Coffee Machines for the hundreds of coffee drinkers that visit there every day.

If you’re in business you simply can’t afford to risk your reputation if you want to succeed. And one of those factors your reputation hinges on, is a quality traditional coffee machine.