Are you looking for a high-end commercial coffee grinder for your coffee shop? A durable, reliable, well-equipped coffee grinder is an important purchase, which will determine the overall quality of the coffee it produces.

Looking for a grinder can be an overwhelming task. That is why we did most of the groundwork for you. Keep reading this post to find the best commercial espresso grinder for your business.

Why get a commercial coffee grinder?

Well, if you are looking for a commercial coffee grinder for your business, you should already know its importance. The most notable reason why they are necessary for brewing coffee is that you cannot brew coffee without completely breaking down the whole beans into smaller grounds. So all it does is break down the beans into grounds ranging from small to large to make a wide variety of coffee.

Different kinds of coffee grinders to consider buying

There are a variety of commercial coffee grinders to choose from. Before you begin shopping, consider going through the list of the most common kinds of coffee grinders you should know about.

Burr grinders

Burr coffee grinders have been the preferred grinders of choice for those commercially selling coffee. This is because they offer flexibility for grind size, not just with the range of sizes but also with grind uniformity. So whether you are a professional barista or a commercial coffee shop owner, bur grinder is the one, without a doubt.

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They get the name because there are two serrated blades, which oscillate around one another (hence the name burr). They do not cut or slice the coffee beans; instead, they grind them together to break them down. Many baristas tend to opt for burr grinders because they facilitate oil extraction, enhancing the drink’s flavor.

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Conical burr grinders

Conical burr grinders are the most popular ones. A noticeable characteristic of conical burr grinders is the design of the burrs. Most baristas favor the conical burr as it creates “bimodal distribution”, which aids in the process of grinding the coffee beans. This grinder is a favorite choice of many experienced baristas because it makes for a smooth, strong shot of espresso.

Flat burr grinders

Flat burrs feature two horizontal blades, one that faces upwards, with the other facing downwards. Whole coffee beans are fed in between the burrs, then they are ground down before dropping between them for a second time.

Flat burrs can physically interact, resulting in a unimodal distribution. That means that if you were to hold the coffee grounds under a microscope, all of the grounds would come out to be identical in size.

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