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Tea and Coffee Combination

There is now a new trend that combines both coffee and tea together creating a drink that not only has a great flavor it is also loaded with health benefits Tea and coffee are among the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Tea is the most consumed beverage, with 2 billion people drinking it every morning. Its estimated that at least 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis, world wide The popularity of both these drinks is where the idea to combine them originated.

How to Create The Perfect Tea and Coffee Combination

This new trend gives both coffee and tea drinkers the very best of both worlds. To try your own tea and coffee combination at home all you need is a teaspoon of your favorite coffee blend, a tea bag and some hot water. The Combination of those three ingredients will prove a game changer a lot

Health Benefits of a Tea and Coffee Combination

The  combination of tea and coffee can give some great health benefits. The tea contains antioxidants which combine with those found in coffee to give a drink that tastes great and is also good for you.

  • Mounting research suggests coffee may offer protection against a number of health concerns, including cancer, type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s.
  •  Tea has also been shown to improve heart, bone and vision health, and may protect against type 2 diabetes and cancer.


Tea lovers and coffee addicts have long debated which brew is better for you. The answer is simple the new beverage that a combination of tea and coffee. Finally  there is a beverage that combines great taste with a a long list health benefits.