An Automatic coffee machine of the future

The Talento automatic coffee Machine

The Talento Automatic Coffee Machine

Talento is an automatic coffee machine that is just 40 centimetres wide, with a world class performance.

The all new Talento automatic coffee machine can produce (240 espresso coffees and 190 cappuccinos an hour) it will prepare a rich beverage menu with a choice of two different coffee blends.

Your our Talento automatic coffee machine is extremely silent, making it a perfect espresso coffee machine for any corporate office, it will not impede or impact on the ambience or the serenity of your foyer or breakout room. The Talento automatic coffee machine will work silently in the background and adds brilliance and pleasure to any work environment.

The Talento automatic coffee machine is so advanced it can be programmed and updated any time by the ease of inserting a USB into the USB slot of the Visual Display. Any beverage choice may be quickly altered and updated to suit your needs.

Our new Talento Automatic Coffee machine will produce the perfect espresso, cappuccino, flat white or macchiato of your choice, it can produce two beverages at once and will allow you the option to choose from two different coffee blends.

Talento Coffee Machine Features

  • Milk density regulator
  • Multicolor LCD display
  • Customised Labels
  • Built-in cappuccino maker
  • Large drip tray
  • Hot water wand
  • Double grinder and slide for decaffeinated
  • USB port
  • Height-adjustable spout (9-20cm)

An automatic coffee machine of the new era in respect to design and technology of the latest commercial coffee machines and automatic coffee machines

Just press a single button of the Talento automatic coffee machine, and it prepares fragrant milk beverages with the correct dose of foam and milk at the right temperature. Perfect 100% pure Italian espresso and perfect Latte’s

Talento Coffee Machine Suitable for any location:

  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Demanding professionals locations with high quality performance
  • Busy locales