Sydney:- Coffee Machine Excels In Famous Cafe

Recently, we wrote an article about the Famous Claude’s Kitchen commissioning a Koffeeone Sydney coffee machine for their new café in Leichhardt, Sydney.

Now regular café goers are seeing Koffeeone Sydney coffee machines and associating the Koffeeone brand with the best quality espresso Italy has to offer.

Koffeeone Sydney coffee machine range continue to provide outstanding results, so much so that Claude has decided to let his customers know!

He wants everyone to know that he only serves the best coffee and food at his cafes, and does so by placing the Koffeeone brand coffee machine front and centre in his cafes’.

The team at Koffeeone is proud to be associated with the best clients and the best coffee machines in the industry, that we feel compelled to write another article about the amazing Claude Kitchen café in Leichhardt.

Claude’s Kitchen Sydney Coffee Machine – Is The Secret Behind The Great Coffee

Claude from the famous Claude’s Kitchen always turns to Koffeeone Sydney coffee machines when he looks to open a new cafe.

Claude’s creative and amazing skills in the kitchen, needs to be matched when serving espresso coffee.  With that in mind he chooses to work with Koffeeone to ensure that occurs.

Koffeeone is proud to supply Italy’s best range of coffee machines in Sydney.

These Sydney coffee machines also need the back up of service and support, which the team at Koffeeone is able to deliver in abundance.

Koffeeone are also able to deliver freshly roasted coffee beans, so all Claude’s Kitchen Barista has worry about is making the perfect cup of coffee for their customers.

Do yourself a favour and make the Sydney icon, Claude’s Café Leichhardt, a regular location on your Café circuit.

you will not be disappointed with both the food and coffee!