Buying The Best Office Coffee Machine For Your Business

nuova simonelli pronto automatic coffee machineIf providing good coffee to your employees and keeping morale high a priority in your business you might begin thinking about getting a professional automatic staff room coffee machine.

Getting a good staff room coffee machine may not be easy as it is costly and there many different brands of the automatic commercial coffee machines to choose from.

The founder of KoffeeOne which is a commercial coffee machine supplier based in Australia, Peter Walker, states that people who purchase a staff room coffee machine like to research so that the decision they make is informed. He goes on to explain that while people opted for cheaper machines in the past, this is not the situation currently as the main thing they are looking for is the office coffee machine’s lifespan.

Giorgio Milos supports the fact that the wide range of options available can overwhelm one. The Illy coffee company teacher proceeds to compare the experience to a jungle. We asked him for his expert opinion on the things that one should consider and the points he highlighted are outlined below:

Staff Room Coffee Machine Important Considerations

The skill level of the user

Simply put, Giorgio states that depending on the type of coffee you would want to produce, you should choose astaff room coffee machine that is at par with the skill of the employees. According to him, making good coffee while at home isn’t as easy as it may seem. You may have a better machine but the coffee corner you use to like still makes better coffee.

Piff adds that when you have a machine that gives you manual control when griniding the beans, then your coffee will definitely be good. The ones with better grinding fineness however tend to be more expensive.

The type of drink

If you are a sucker for espresso and wouldn’t take any other coffee brand, then you should opt for espresso coffee machines as with them, you won’t have to wait for the machine to grind the beans.

These are sentiments from Milos. Piff also seems to conquer with his argument as to him, the cups he makes is better and it gets to save him $4. The downside to this is that you will be limited to one type of coffee all year round and this will definitely get boring.

The features and size

The staff room coffee machine size will depend on the amount of space you have to put your coffee machine. Smaller offices require smaller machines. With Millos, features such as temperature control and volume control are essential for one to consider. Most consumers want machines that make the first cup quickly, is consistent in size, and derives a good taste.

Staff Room Coffee Machine Price

Millos states that the most expensive coffee makers aren’t always the best and that is why one shouldn’t blindly go for the expensive ones.

He has experienced machines that are quite expensive but do not function as well as cheaper ones would do. Piff also conquers with this argument but in a different way. He argues that if one buys an expensive machine and uses it for lesser functions that they needed, it would get boring with time and they may end up disposing the machine.