Looking For The Ideal Automatic Staff Coffee Machine?

staff coffee machineWe recently posted a blog post about a new client (in the legal fraternity) placing a new Carimali automatic coffee machine in their waiting room foyer, for their guests and clients to use.

This very same company has also commissioned Koffeeone to install a number of Carimali Gusto automatic staff coffee machines in their staff rooms.

Most businesses with a great staff retention achieve it by treating their staff well, and nothing can beat the great coffee that a Carimali automatic staff coffee machine provides.

I know by daily expereince how much staff appreciate  a cup of fresh espresso coffee that is available 24/7, and how it can directly relate to increased productivity (ie staff are not leaving the office to go and buy coffee form the local coffee shop) and the increased happiness of staff.

Let me know if this gives you any ideas for your next staff coffee machine?