Sports Club Fundraising Coffee Machines

Sports Club Fundraising Coffee Machines

Sports Club Fundraising Coffee Machines and Selling coffee has become a large part of the fundraising activities at sports clubs.

If you can give great coffee to your members and their parents you will not only generate more sales through the coffee itself, but you will also keep more people hanging around to participate in other fundraising activities. Koffeeone is an expert at providing the correct Sports Club Fundraising Coffee Machines for the correct fundraising event.

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A number of junior football club operators who I know were seeing only moderate coffee sales because of the mediocre quality of the coffee they were serving, and many people were looking elsewhere to relax and enjoy a better cup of coffee.

What is the best kind of coffee machine to get for a sports club? The following is a list of some of the more issues club operators encounter surrounding coffee and some of the ways they have resolved them.

Challenges For Clubs 

Sports Club Fundraising Coffee Machines – 1

If people are going to buy the coffee from our club’s canteen, it needs to be of good quality.

Solution: The first and most important step is using fresh beans. We recommend finding a local roaster like Little Owl who can help you out and discuss wholesale prices with you.

Sports Club Fundraising Coffee Machines – 2

We rely on volunteer staff who are changing all the time and are generally speaking not trained baristas

Solution: Although a manual espresso machine can churn out really great coffee, it only works if the person working it knows what they are doing. Fortunately, automatic machines have improved greatly in recent years, and getting coffee at the push of a button no longer means getting a cup of tasteless, instant swill in one of those little styrofoam cups. Today’s automatic machines can produce a completely respectable cup of espresso or americano, even using freshly ground beans.

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s a day – and so we need a machine that can keep up during these periods. At certain intervals, we suddenly see a very high demand – for as many as 200 cups.

Solution: Once again, a manual espresso machine with multiple group heads can produce up to 4 drinks at one time and can be a very efficient tool for producing a lot of coffee for a lot of people quickly: if you have someone highly trained who knows how to use it. An automatic machine may be better suited to your needs.

Sports Club Fundraising Coffee Machines need to be selected specifically for the job at hand. 

, as these can generally churn out a coffee in less than a minute by simply pushing a button, so they are fast but won’t require you to have a skilled staff member managing the machine. It also lets your canteen volunteer focus on other things since the coffee machine will do everything on its own.

How sports clubs make coffee fundraising a success

Some clubs dealing with the need for large volumes of coffee at once have dealt with it by buying or leasing two machines.

This may sound like going overboard, but these club operators had done their math and realized that the revenue they can generate during busy periods can very quickly make up for the investment in their machines or even machines.

For example, you will likely spend between $4,000 and $5,000 on a high-quality machine.

So then if you charge $3.50 per cup of coffee ($2.80-$3.00 of which is profit), then just one busy weekend where you will be selling 200 cups per day will generate between $560-$1,200.

Looking for more advice, or want to taste some samples from some machines which might suit your club’s purposes? Contact us today and we will do our best to help set your club up with great-tasting (and profitable) coffee.

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