Shopping Centre Coffee Machine A Real Hit With Customers

shopping centre Coffee Machine Sydney

Peter Walker – CEO Koffeeone

There are a lot of different thoughts and thinking on what defines a great coffee.

Is it the coffee machine itself, or perhaps the skill of the barista, is it the cafés location or the brand of coffee bean they use?

I am often often amazed why customers are so loyal, and follow a specific barista or even the type of roasted coffee bean .

When I find out what is the true meaning about whats makes a great coffee – I will be able to retire!

The main thing I have learnt over the 15+ years of serving some of Australia’s biggest cafés, restaurants and hotels, is that when you make a bad coffee, people do not forget.

So when you have a shopfront café in one of the busiest shopping centres in NSW, you had better make sure that your ‘shopping centre coffee machine‘ is up to the task.

That’s why the great people at Mr Espresso match their brilliant blends of coffee with one of Koffeone’s Carimali Eta Beta Traditional Coffee Machines for the hundreds of coffee drinkers that visit their shopping centre cafe every day.

If you’re in business you simply can’t afford to risk your reputation if you want to succeed.