Coffee Or Espresso Equipment Servicing

where to service coffee or espresso equipment

Servicing Your Coffee Or Espresso Equipment – Onsite Or Offsite

The Koffeeone coffee equipment service division was established to focus on servicing specialty coffee equipment, and today we still take pride in the quality and reliability of our services.

We currently have fully trained coffee machine technicians covering all of Australia. This makes us one of the most experienced and knowledgeable service companies focused on coffee or espresso related equipment in the whole country.

Our Coffee Machine Technicians

Our coffee machine technicians are highly qualified and have been professionally trained to service all the major brands of both imported and domestic coffee equipment.

We also keep a very comprehensive stock of coffee machine replacement parts for all different brands and models of machines so that generally speaking we can usually offer same-day replacement.

So no matter how mundane or specialised the service is that you need, whether it’s just a basic set-up and calibration of your new machine or a larger scale repair project, our technicians are willing and able to give you what you need.

We even offer an emergency service in cases where time is sensitive and your business day runs the risk of being seriously compromised by a non-functioning machine.

Not able to bring your machine for service?

Don’t sweat it. We have technicians on call 24-7, and we can provide you with same-day service to your own location.

We also have ongoing maintenance programs as well as water treatment programs so that you can keep your equipment constantly up to speed and never have to worry about the disaster of a complete break down.

And our wide array of replacement parts we keep in stock tends to mean that we can generally get you up and running on the same say as well without having to wait a week for ordering parts: something that can spell disaster if you don’t have a backup machine.

We can tailor programs to meet your specific needs

The easiest way to get the best ongoing performance out of your machines is to have regular cleaning and maintenance to replace or repair any worn or malfunctioning parts.

And if you’d like to be able to never worry about when you need to call for maintenance again, for one annual fee we will take care of your machine on schedule to make sure it’s always working at it’s best.

A service contract with Koffeeone will also provide you with discounts on things like water filters, cleaning products, and replacement parts.

As part of your service program we can also include a water treatment option where we can take care of installing and changing your water filters for you, so you don’t need to worry about your water either.

And although we have some set maintenance plans to choose from they are very flexible and just about whatever services you need can be either added to or subtracted from your specific contract.

Give us a call today to start working out your custom coffee equipment maintenance program.

Koffeeone – Dedicated Coffee Machine Wholesalers.

Over  30 Years Experience and expertise.

Delivering 100% Pure Espresso Coffee.  From World Class Coffee Beans.

The Very Best Range Of Commercial Coffee Machines. Commercial Automatic Coffee Machines  and Espresso Machines.

Quality After Sales Service With A Professionally Trained and Skilled National Service Network.

Our Commitment and Guarantee.

Perfect Espresso Coffee Every Time

Reliability And Longevity Of Operation Of Every Machine.

Every Machine Is Easy To Use.

All Machines Are Reliable And Consistent in Performance.

Quality After Sales Service With With 12 Months Warranty.

3 Months Free Cleaning Products With Every Machine Purchase.

In Addition 10 Kg Free World Class Coffee With Every Machine Purchase.

Our Promise From Our CEO Peter Walker.

“We ensure we only supply the very best office coffee machines. Why ? Because we Gurantee the longevity of operation. And  make sure your commercial  automatic coffee machines require minimal operational attention. By your staff or user alike.  All our commercial automatic coffee machines are very easy to maintain and use.”