roasted coffee beans supplierAll drinkers of coffee can agree that nothing beats the first cup of morning coffee.

It gets your blood pumping and helps you kick off the day. Everyone has their own coffee preferences and their taste in coffee is usually based on the type of roast of the coffee bean.

Roasted Coffee Beans – The Process

Knowing about the coffee roasting process is insightful no matter if you prefer a dark roast or a light roast.

The process of roasting coffee beans changes the beans from their green, bitter tasting beans to an exquisite and aromatic plant, ready to be transformed into a hot beverage enjoyed by people worldwide.

During this process, the beans should be kept moving to avert the possibility of scorching the beans, whilst also ensuring the batch of beans are evenly roasted.

How long the beans are left in the roaster, as well as the different temperatures used in the roasting process, will determine the lightness or darkness of the coffee beans.

Light Roasted Coffee Beans

Light coffee roasts have more of the natural coffee flavours present that have been inherited from their regions of growth.

Light roasted coffee beans are most commonly sought from Java and Kona, but they don’t cheap.

The exquisite natural flavours of these lightly roasted beans are definitely worth the cost. As these beans are not left in the roaster for long, they retain a fair amount of their earthy, natural flavours.

Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

For a taste similar to that of the roasting, dark roasted coffee beans are preferred. These darker roasted coffee beans are much more chemically altered than that of lighter roasts.

The chemical alteration of these beans are much stronger as the oils inside the beans begin to surface during the roasting process, creating stronger flavours with only a hint of the organic flavours of origin.

Hence, appreciating the process of coffee bean roasting won’t change your opinion on which roast you should prefer, but it can assist your understanding of how coffee beans arrive at their flavours that are adored internationally.

Dark roasted or light roasted, it is all a matter of opinion.