The different types of roasts of coffee beans is one of the most critical factors influencing the flavour of each cup of coffee.

Expert Advice On Roasted Coffee Beans

By Australia’s Leading Commercial Roasted Coffee Bean Supplier

Generally speaking, lightly roasted beans are sharper and have more acidic overtones than heavily roasted beans.

Although it is possible to over roast coffee beans, darker coffee beans are have a more matured, bolder and developed flavour. When over roasted, these beans will taste burnt and smokey.

If you typically buy one type of bean, it is important to remember that the origin of the coffee bean can impact the taste of the end product, just as much as the roast will.

Creating a cappuccino with Ethiopian coffee beans and an American roast, then creating the same beverage with Colombian beans and an American roast will give you two different tasting cups of coffee.

Every roasting process will release the oils from inside the coffee beans, which gives each bean their unique coffee taste. As unusual as it may seem, the lighter the roast of bean, the more caffeine there is.

The terms used for different roasts of coffee beans may vary between coffee sellers and shops, but listed below are the most commonly accepted roasting terms.

Cinnamon: Light brown coffee beans as it is the lightest roast available. The oils of the coffee beans have not been released in the roasting process, so the beans are dry and will carry a grainy, baked flavour.

New England: A little darker than Cinnamon roasted beans, New England beans have been roasted enough to lose the bready flavour. Can taste a bit sour as the natural sugars have not yet been caramelised.

American: Fairly common roast that is on the lighter side. Is popular in western parts of the United States.

Medium City: Coffee beans have been roasted to a milk chocolate colour and is widely accepted as the standard dark roast. The flavours created from this roast onwards are richer and become more evidently different than lighter roasts.

Full City: Coffee beans will have a wet or oily appearance, unlike lighter and drier roasts. This roast adds a sweeter, caramel flavour to the end product, however, that does depend on the varietal.

Espresso or French Roast: Very oily and dark coffee beans, these coffee beans are best when used to create strong espressos.

Dark French, Italian or Spanish Roast: A very uncommon roast, as the coffee beans are almost burnt and the delicate flavours of the beans have been lost.

When purchasing roasted coffee beans, understanding these terms will prove to be very handy.

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