Espresso machines to bulk brew filter machines, the question “what is the right coffee machine for my business”, is a common question posed to our coffee machine consultants.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Due to the wide variety of commercial coffee machines, deciding on a type can get a little confusing.

Feel free to use this article as a sort of guide in the decision making behind purchasing the right commercial coffee machine for your business.

There are three main types of espresso machines, being the common espresso machines (for the theatre), bean to cup machines (for the simplicity), and bulk brew filter coffee machines (for the capability).

Lets start with bean to cup coffee machines.

The bean to cup coffee machine is one of the more recent additions to the coffee machine family. The idea of this machine is to be able to match the range of espresso type coffees, and create them all at the touch of a button.

If it weren’t for the invention of this machine, you would still be waiting in line at a cafe for a barista to make your espresso.

Bean to cup machines can usually be found in any self-service environment such as a company/office kitchen or cafeteria.

These machines grind the coffee beans on demand, and are created in such a way to have a built in automatic milk foamer, especially for Cappuccinos, Lattes and other milk heavy coffee drinks.

The way the coffee is created in a bean to cup coffee machine is different from that of a regular espresso machine, but the coffee created is still of the same quality nonetheless.

Another consideration is the volume of coffees that the machine will be required to make on a daily basis. Normally, low volume bean to cup machines produce anywhere up to 50 cups of coffee daily. Medium volume bean to cup machines are capable of creating anywhere between 100 and 150 cups a day.

High volume machines are built to handle 200 to 500 cups of espresso a day. No skills are needed to use this machine, but it is important to inform those who will use the machine of how to care and maintain the machine.

Cleaning the machine is especially significant to care for the maintenance of the machine.

The next post will be discussing the details of common espresso machines and bulk brew filter machines to assist you in deciding on the right coffee machine for your use.