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Giving You Only The World Class Coffee Machines

Koffeeone is a Rex Royal Coffee Machine Supplier. That is why if you have been looking for an automatic coffee machine that is world class, I am sure our Rex Royal S200 Automatic machine has all these qualities and it can sufficiently serve your interests. With outstanding performance, excellent quality and true value for money, there is no doubt that this machine is designed for you and your business.

Sensational Automatic Machine

Rex Royal S200 Automatic machine is a sensational automatic machine for preparing the highest quality of coffee. It has a perfect extraction dispensation with perfect form no matter the number of shots – whether single or double shots.

Preparation of quality coffee starts with frothing-up the milk in readiness for a cappuccino. To be convinced of their existence, Flat white and latté have to be seen. With a single touch of a button, you get all these qualities and convenience. The design for this espresso coffee machine makes them look sleek and attractive, making them an ideal choice for complementing every modern kitchenette’ or office break out’s décor.

The integrated chocolate and coffee solution mixed with fresh milk makes every modern office an envy of this automatic coffee machine.

This hard to come by Rex-Royal milk system guarantees its users the highest level of fine form as a result.

If you prefer sweet chocolate dream beverage, or Chai latté or the original Italian Espresso, there is no doubt that Rex Royal S200 will give you a product that will probably surpass your expectations. That is not all! You will enjoy your beverage in no time and with just a click of a button.

Here are some of the benefits you will get for using Rex Royal S200 Automatic machine.

– Flexibility

Interchangeable product and bean containers, with up o 1.8kg capacity.

– Significance

The machine is proven, providing efficient brewing, and made from high-quality components.

– Adaptability

The machine is individually adjustable to brewing pressure, has a variable grinder for precision.

– Has Wide Application

Cappuccino, Espresso, flat white, latté, Chai Latté, Hot chocolate.

– Allows For Easy Operation

Has an optimised touch light buttons or touch screen to allow for various operating concepts.

The Best Suppliers of Office Coffee Machines


Business Coffee Machines

As the Rex Royal Coffee Machine Supplier, Koffeeone has a full-range of coffee machines for office use that will address all your needs. Our machines are available as either the traditional Espresso or automatic business coffee machines range. We also understand that every business has different requirements, and therefore, package your machine according to your unique needs.

Corporate Coffee Machines

Every corporation is unique in every sense and so are their coffee requirements. As a company, Koffeeone has tailored unique corporate coffee machine packages to suit the needs of the different corporate. Every package is designed with your commercial needs in mind. They are available as traditional espresso machines or commercial automatic machine. We want to help you by providing a coffee machine that adds value to your business establishment.

Industrial Coffee Machines

These coffee machines are unique from the rest of the coffee machines, and cover all your requirements in matters: industrial coffee machine model, brands, and styles.

As a dedicated coffee machine wholesaling company with over 30 years expertise and experience, Koffeeone has directed all our efforts in providing you with 100% pure espresso Coffee all the time. Contact us today and we’ll get you the best coffee machines that shall for sure suit your unique business needs.

Need more information regarding these powerful products? Get in touch with Koffeeone today and we will gladly help you to find the most suitable coffee machine that can meet your office needs.

Koffeeone sells the topmost quality range of wholesale coffee machines, espresso machines and commercial automatic machines. We guarantee the longevity and reliability of operations of each and every coffee machine we avail to you.

That’s not all, Koffeeone guarantees ease of use. We also offer quality after sale service accompanied with a 12-month warranty. Call 02 9818 4677 today!