How to choose the right espresso machine

When deciding on the right restaurant espresso machine, the question of the amount of group heads needed is an important one to give thought to.

Single group espresso machines are capable of operating both a single or double acceptable handle, and by doing so, creates either a single or double espresso!

These espresso machines are also capable of producing single or regular coffees, double or large coffees, and two single or regular coffees -– all in the same group.

Single head restaurant espresso machine

The predominance of restaurants find that the single group restaurant espresso machine is the most suitable machine, in comparison the requirements of an established coffee business, who insist on operating a two or three group espresso model.

When choosing a restaurant espresso machine and deciding on the number of group heads, your should base your decision on the maximum amount of shots needed to be processed at any time, rather than the quantity of coffees you need to serve.

After all, the strength of the espresso shots, alongside the size of the coffee mugs, are what it comes down to in the end. We suggest any restaurant to utilise a two group restaurant espresso machine for serving single shots, as it is capable of procuring four coffees at the same time.

For creating double shots, a three group restaurant espresso machine is recommended.

Three group restaurant espresso machine vs a two group restaurant espresso machine

The three group espresso machine model unquestionably has different features in comparison to a two group espresso model.

The three group espresso machine model provides a greater stability in temperature than any two group espresso machine models.

These machines also contain a greater receptacle for steam, due to the larger boiler, and in turn creates a bigger output of hot water at once.

Size sometimes matter

An immaculate coloured espresso machine, featuring flash LED lights and smooth curves, creates lasting impressions on a restaurant display counter. This admirable presence is generally easier to achieve with larger machines rather than smaller restaurant espresso machines.