Espressos have been an enormous industry in Europe all throughout the 19th century, especially with the many cafes thriving all across the continent.

Customer demand for espresso

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However, as customers begin demanding faster and more efficient processes, the slow process of coffee brewing has began to limit the growth of this once successful industry.

This motivated many European inventors to start exploring different ways to reduce the brewing time through the use of steam.

It wasn’t until 1884 that the Italian innovator, Angelo Moriondo, invented a revolutionary restaurant espresso coffee machine and method that consisted of pushing boiled water through a bed of coffee beans whilst a second boiler would produce the steam to flash the coffee beans and finish the brew.

Although this ingenious invention was the first invented commercial espresso coffee machine to use both steam and water together, it’s only purpose was as a bulk brewer, and if it was not for Moriondo’s patent on his coffee machine, all records of this invention have disappeared with time.

The real Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of the espresso world were Desiderio Pavoni and Luigi Bezzarra. Together, these men are known as the ‘makers of liquors’ and invented the single shot espresso in the long search of efficient ways to quickly brew a cup of coffee.

The innovations introduced by Pavoni and Bezzarra are considered necessities on espresso machines today, such as multiple group heads and the portafilter.

Unfortunately so, these machines were heated over an open flame, and as we all know that consistency is crucial to creating a perfect espresso, it was incredibly hard to control the temperature and hence, the pressure.

Modern day restaurant espresso coffee machines are a great improvement on the original prototypes created by European inventors.

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