Conventionally, coffee is a vital part of any Australian’s breakfast routine. It is for this reason that many restaurants’ breakfast menus offer hot coffee.

Without the need of a professional coffee barista

Commercial automatic coffee machine

Microbar commercial automatic coffee machine is  a popular coffee machine for restaurants

Although coffee is a very popular choice for most breakfast consumers, many of these restaurants do not have a gourmet coffee barista.

Thus, it is crucial for these restaurants to own a good quality restaurant coffee machine, one that is simple to operate and creates the finest coffees.

After investing in a good quality restaurant coffee machine, owners and managers can sit back and watch the breakfast diners provide your restaurant repeat business.

So, why exactly should you invest in a specialised restaurant coffee machine?

When considering a coffee machine for a restaurant, the restaurant owner must understand the requirements and attributes of a restaurant coffee machine are very different from those of a domestic coffee maker — needs that are comparable to the freshness of the coffee beans and the capacity of the machine to produce both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee varieties.

Even so, the most important attribute of a good quality restaurant coffee machine is its strength. A high quality restaurant coffee machine should be able to resist heavy and continual use.

Moreover, it should not accumulate heavy residues during its operations that may be hard to clean in the future. In brief, invest in a high quality restaurant coffee machine that is able to handle wearisome daily usage.

To satisfy the demands every customer’s needs, a restaurant owner should invest in a restaurant coffee machine that is able to create more than just simple coffee and decaf.

Machines that automate the creation of fresh caffeinated specialty drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos and espressos, are highly requested and work well in the restaurant environment.

Furthermore, when considering restaurant coffee machines, look out for a make of machine and manufacturer with a strong warranty.

A restaurant coffee machine that comes without a reasonable warranty should raise a few flags for restaurant owners. Find a company or manufacturer who is able to issue on-side maintenance services and offer whole machine or part replacements.

It’s always a good idea to observe the customer reviews of the machines, and stick with a reputable restaurant coffee machine.

Don’t hesitate to call KoffeeOne to enquire into our range of special restaurant coffee machines and receive the best advice from the professionals in the coffee industry.