Renting An Espresso Coffee Machine

 Renting an Espresso Coffee Machine

So How Can We Be Of Assistance

Let  Koffeeone Outline The Commercial Benefits Of Renting.

As you thrive ahead with your business you can upgrade your automatic coffee machine at any time to meet your business growth.  Generally purchasing commercial coffee machines and other capital equipment can be a frustrating experience – you spend thousands upfront only to have the equipment out-of-date or inadequate in a short period of time.

coffee machine renting

Therefore the instrument of renting is a much better way to get the espresso coffee machine you need with ease.

 Renting an Espresso Coffee Machine For Your Business

It allows you to preserve your capital, protect your cash flow, and is 100% Tax deductible.

You can update, upgrade or add on other automatic coffee machines without penalty, and changes to your requirements can be made at any time through a simple contract variation, often without increasing monthly payments.

Manage your Cashflow, Preserved Capital

With a Rental agreement, your capital and existing lines of credit are conserved for core business requirements. Rental does not impact your ability to borrow from your bank when you need it. In addition, A Rental provides the security of a predictable monthly payment with no residual value liability – you have the espresso coffee machine you need, at a constant known cost.

Tax Advantage

Since your commercial coffee machine is funded as an operating expense, it does not appear on your company’s Balance Sheet and all the Rental payments are treated as a 100% tax-deductible expense when your automatic coffee machine is used for business purposes.

End of Term Options Without Commitment

At the end of the rental term, you have a number of choices. You can purchase, extend your agreement, upgrade or return your espresso coffee machine – allowing you to choose the best fit for your business. One of the more popular options is to constantly upgrade your automatic coffee machine, thereby maintaining predictable monthly payment levels, and allowing them to stay current and competitive.

You need to take care however as most rental agreements have an end-of-term requirement for you to notify your Financial provider in writing at a specified time during the agreement to avoid an automatic increase to the term of the agreement. This clause is referred to in the finance industry as an Inertia Clause and can be a trap for non-experience.

Renting an espresso coffee machine through Koffeeone – they make it easy as possible for you and your business.

Koffeeone has partnered with some of the largest Financial Institutions in the country to make the process of renting your automatic coffee machine simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

Koffeeone will provide you with a written rental quotation that has no hidden costs, no nasty clauses, and includes a full warranty and Preventative Maintenance for the term of the rental agreement with no additional charges.

Koffeeone places no penalties on you should you choose not to use our coffee, we do however have many fabulous coffees specifically roasted to complement our automatic coffee machines. Koffeeone is well respected for our commitment to the non-compulsory acquisition of our coffee with your rental agreement.

Many coffee suppliers do have compulsory coffee purchase criteria in their rental agreements and on occasions will include the coffee purchases in the terms of the ongoing warranty.

*Please see your financial adviser or accountant for further information. Further verification should be made directly to the Australian Taxation Office. Subject to Terms and Conditions, finance based on acceptance for approved applicants.

You Can learn more about rental finance here 

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