Rent Or Buy A Coffee Machine

Welcome,  today I’m going to be taking you through which is better, buying or renting a coffee machine?

So renting or buying a coffee machine both have their pros and cons and I’ll go through each pro and con on both sides so you can kind of decide what’s right for you.

Renting A Coffee Machine

So, first on the renter side, companies rent really for three reasons.

One, if they can do the volumes required, they can often qualify for super low renters. So any company that is capable of doing really over 10 cups a day, usually has a financial advantage going the renter route.

Now number two big pro to rental is that almost all come with a maintenance plan included so obviously, if you purchase the machine you get a year guarantee but something goes wrong or you need a caller, those almost always charge for a purchase.

Third thing in a rental is flexibility and that’s really my best property of a rental.

When you take a coffee machine it’s super easy to look at a picture and say this is the coffee machine for me. Now the reality, unfortunately, isn’t always that. So a rental allows you to chop and change as much as you want.

So if you start with a coffee machine and you decide in 6 months time it’s not the right machine for you anymore or your circumstances changed, that your staff numbers increased or decreased, a rental allows you to change your end stage.

Buying A Coffee Machine

Purchase side, big pro obviously that you own the machine, which is a good and bad thing. It’s nice that you have ownership and not to always pay your rent or really forever but uh, the downside of owning a coffee machine is it’s not always the greatest thing to do.

Coffee machine models change a lot and uh you might want to, ehh, (unintelligible) to advantages, your circumstance might want to change, so that’s really your pros and cons of purchasing versus renting.

One thing we always always encourage is whichever route is right for you, we always encourage people to start in a test phase.

Always start in a test renter. A test renter keeps all your options open, it gives you all that flexibility so if you want to buy in months time, if you want to carry on renting, you still have all those options open to you as opposed to really buying off a pamphlet or buying off a brochure and then worst case is regretting that down the line.

Hope you enjoy it, hope that helps, please tune in for more.

Deal Direct With The Coffee Machine Wholesalers – Renting & Buying Options

shopping centre Coffee Machine Sydney

Peter Walker CEO KoffeeOne

Coffee machine wholesalers, Koffeeone has evolved considerably since its foundation and now distributes the very best commercial coffee machines from Italy, as well as now manufacturing their very own Pierro office coffee machine range.

Koffeeone was formed in 1999 with the goal to supply wholesale priced corporate coffee machines, office coffee machines and espresso coffee machines to cafe’s, restaurants, corporate offices and registered clubs.

To ensure their clients receive the very best support on their range of coffee machines Koffeeone provide full service support for each and every one of their customers, large or small.

Peter Walker, CEO of Koffeeone states, “We ensure we only supply the very best office coffee machines. Why ? To ensure the longevity of operation, to make sure your coffee machine requires minimal operational attention by your staff and are very easy to maintain and use.”

He continues, “When you order your commercial coffee machine direct form the importer and wholesaler you can be ensured you are dealing with a company who has been in business for over 15 years and has served many continuing and long standing customers.”