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First Of all, let Koffeeone assist you with a straightforward and Easy Rental Agreement.

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12-month rental agreement

Our 12-month rental agreement with Rent-Try-Buy® allows you to try the equipment before committing. During this period, you have the following options:
Upgrade anytime: If your current 2 Group isn’t meeting your demands, you can upgrade to a 3 Group machine by paying the difference in weekly payments.
Purchase anytime: Once you’re confident that the equipment is right for you, you can purchase it. You will receive a 75% net rental rebate on your payments.

Select your equipment

Once approved, your equipment dealer will finalise your transaction and arrange delivery. Hence, If you are funding equipment for a business you have owned for over two years, you’re not required to pay a security bond for all other applicants. A six-week refundable security bond is required.

Koffeeone can make the journey to renting with Silver Chef a simple and pleasurable experience. Try out our professional coffee machines for rent and see the difference in quality.

Weekly rental payments

With our weekly rental repayments, you can save your working capital as they are affordable and have multiple benefits. As a rental agreement, these payments are 100% tax deductible*, and they won’t affect your ability to borrow for future expansion since they are off-balance sheets.

If your aim is equipment ownership, you can use our Easy Own® product. By opting for a 36-month contract, you’ll enjoy a 30% discount on your weekly payments. Alternatively, with a 24-month contract, you’ll receive a 15% discount on your weekly payments. This program allows you to work towards ownership while enjoying reduced payment amounts.

Standard Operating Lease Rental

Because Koffeeone has an affiliation with an incredibly famous financier, consequently, your Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine for Rent and Traditional Commercial Coffee Machine for Rent application is straight forward. And with no problems. As a result, Our Finance Department will take a 10-minute application via telephone. Or by email to obtain the necessary information required to get the application underway. And we will ensure all terms and conditions are clarified and understood by yourself.

Select your equipment To Complete The Application Process

Once you have selected your equipment, completed the application process and approved. Koffeeone will finalise your transaction and arrange delivery.

Most Noteworthy: You may elect to rent over 24 months, 36 months or 48 months, depending on your specific cash flow needs.

Koffeeone can make the journey to renting with Expand Finance a simple and pleasurable experience.

End Of Term Options: Process

First Of All, Return the equipment and upgrade to a new one.
Rather the equipment with no residual obligation.
Upgrade to new equipment by returning the existing equipment.
Return the equipment without any remaining obligations.
Choose to continue leasing the equipment month-to-month without a formal contract.
Make an offer to purchase the equipment at its fair market value.

Feedback From our Fantastic Customers.

Suncorp Supports Koffeeone. 


“We were searching for an ideal coffee partner who could provide comprehensive coffee solutions for The Pitt Street Suncorp Discovery Store. Our primary focus was finding a world-class wholesale coffee machine and top-quality coffee beans. Given the limited time frame, we needed to swiftly source our industrial coffee machine, conduct trials, and taste the coffee. Koffeeone proved exceptional in delivering on every task and commitment, making the entire project enjoyable and successful. In fact, Koffeeone’s professionalism, expertise, and ability to get things done were truly impressive.

Lilian Tang

Facilities Manager NSW/ACT, Cushman & Wakefield

Shell Prelude and Koffeeone. 



“ When Shell approached Prelude FLNG to provide the Rex Royal S200 Automatic Office Coffee Machine for their offshore gas project, they sought help from Koffeeone. Despite having a limited timeframe to meet the project’s requirements, Koffeeone demonstrated the utmost professionalism. They ensured the successful and timely delivery of the industrial coffee machines’, setting them up and ready for operation as promised. Since their installation, the Rex Royal corporate coffee machines have been highly successful, producing hundreds of cups per day. This has greatly pleased the entire team on the Prelude, keeping them happy with delicious coffee.“

Chris Ridd

Senior Technical Purchaser, Sinwa Pty Ltd

#1 Rated Professional Coffee Machine for Rent - Koffeeone

Welcome to Koffeeone, Australia's premier one-stop store for professional coffee machine rental. Because we know the significance of enjoying a flavourful cup of coffee, we have made it our mission to provide the most advanced coffee makers available for lease to our customers. We work with companies of various sizes, from little neighbourhood eateries to large corporate headquarters. You will be able to find the ideal coffee maker for your requirements thanks to the extensive selection we provide.

What Do We Do?

At Koffeeone, we are dedicated to supplying our clients with coffee machines for rent that are of the best possible standard. Our tools and equipment are hand-picked and meticulously maintained to guarantee that they are always in peak operating condition. We provide you with a wide variety of choices, such as standard espresso machines, bean-to-cup machines, so that you may choose the most suitable equipment for your company's needs.

We know that each company's demands and necessities are unique; hence, we provide a wide range of leasing choices to accommodate these differences. We have a solution that will work for you regardless of the duration period of the lease you are searching for. Because of the adaptability of our rental agreements, you may hire a coffee machine for as little as one year or many for many years depending on how long you anticipate using it.

What is Our Objective With Of Our Rental Service?

At Koffeeone, we take immense pleasure in the high-quality coffee machine rental service that we provide to our patrons. Any queries or issues that you may have may be sent to our team of knowledgeable specialists, and they will be happy to help you. We will assist you in locating the ideal coffee machine for your company and will offer you instructions on how to use it after we have made our selection. In addition, we provide continuing support to ensure that your coffee maker is kept in the best possible functioning condition at all times.

In addition to providing professional coffee machine rental services near you, we also offer a comprehensive selection of coffee machine accessories and supplies to ensure that your rented coffee machine is always in operational condition. To assist you in brewing the ideal cup of coffee, we have a comprehensive selection of coffee-making essentials, including beans, syrups, cups, and more.

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Koffeeone is the only company you need to consider working with if you are seeking an experienced professional coffee machine rental business. Our company is dedicated to supplying our clients with the highest-quality coffee machines on rent and customer care that can be found in Australia. Get in touch with us at right away to learn more about the equipment we have available for hire and how we can assist you in crafting the ideal cup of coffee for your clients.

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