All Revealed – The Story of Quamar:

The export administrator at Quamar tells the story as follows.

In the 1940s, Mr Fiorenzato started a coffee grinder company, and his two sons grew the business, but eventually they split their partnership.

One of the sons’ daughters with her husband, used the Fiorenzato name after they obtaining a right to do so. This Fiorenzato company has had their coffee grinders located in Milan, Italy, contested. However, there was no company relationship offered at the time of this clash.

After all, no one is certain of the authorisation of this information, as the departed engineers of the original company, continued their careers at competitive firms.

The T80 moulds of the coffee grinders, as shared with the earliest company, were purchased by another Fiorenzato business. This company was previously named Quamar by Fiorenzato.

Because of market confusion the firm changed their name too just ‘Quamar’.

After assessing their coffee grinders, a shared company deal was offered, and accepted.

The business name Fiorenzato was purchased by the current Fiorenzato Machine per II Caffe.

Although the original company can insist on the name based solely on the firms rights, as this company owns the rights to the Fiorenzato name in Italy with a backlog of lawsuits, which concludes the story of Quamar.