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Making The Perfect Espresso

Espresso is Italian for fast, quick, with alacrity. It had its origin in the demand for quick service and high quality coffee in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Before long the time taken between ordering and getting your espresso could be less than a minute.

Use A Quality Espresso Machine

Using a quality espresso machine is an important aspect to making the perfect espresso.

The method to follow to get a great espresso is as follows:

  • a seven gram dose of ground coffee (+/- 15%)
  • water temperature of between eighty eight degrees and ninety four degrees, varying with grade and roasting
  • water pressure of the infusion stage should be nine bar (+/- 10%).

Percolation time should be no more than thirty seconds and the temperature of coffee in the cup should be no more than seventy degrees, and no less than sixty four degrees.

So, take out the portafilter, remove any material in there and wipe clean.

Add a seven gram dose of freshly ground beans for every cup of coffee needed.

Press the grounds firmly and clean the edges. Let it dispense for approximately twenty five seconds and you should have about a half cup of beautifully rich espresso with a dense brown cream on the top.

What Should A Perfect Cup Of Espresso Be Like?

The first thing you will see is the cream which tops every good espresso. I should last on the top of the coffee to trap in the volatile aromatics.

If stirred you should get dark streaks that are fun to make swirly patterns with. The deep and complex aroma is unmistakable and one of the true joys of life.

The body is dark brown, bordering on black and its emulsions and colloids lend it viscosity. The taste is intense and deliciously complex with a zing of bitterness to nudge you awake, like a slap in the face with a velvet glove.

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