Characteristics of an Excellent Coffee Grinder

When buying a quality coffee grinder for commercial purposes, it is important to understand the key features as they not only determine the capacity of the grind, they also determine the ease with which the grinder can be used. Understanding this can be very invaluable especially for busy commercial coffee houses as making quality coffee really fast will not only earn you money but your customers will be coming for more again and again. Making the right choice therefore between different coffee grinders according to the features they have will determine whether your coffee business will be successful.

The Dosing Grinder

This type of grinder has a doser that catches the ground coffee during a grind and precisely measures each shot. The doser is attached on the front of the grinder and it is the one that measures the right amount of coffee for each espresso. It also ensures that each shot of ground coffee is very consistent and does not have clumps. This a very important feature especially for busy commercial grinders that grind shot after shot. However, the process is complicated during instances where the grinder has to switch between grinding shots for espresso and for drip coffee. Although the doser can grind coffee for drip brewing some users don’t have any skills of taking care of the grinder after using it in that way.

Alternatively, a doserless grinder can be used. This type of grinder has a canister that catches ground coffee although it doesn’t have a mechanism for measuring the correct amounts for espresso shots. The doserless grinder is the most preferred one especially for situations where the grinder is not used exclusively for espresso. However, both the doser and doserless options are suitable for all types of brewing.


For commercial coffee grinders, the burr size determines how fast you can grind your coffee. The burrs are the ones that grind the coffee and they have more surface area that translates to grinding more coffee. Furthermore having a larger surface area for grinding means that the grinder does not overheat easily and therefore is unlikely to burn the coffee. A grinder with a smaller takes longer to grind and is likely to overheat and burn your coffee. However, there are grinders with smaller burrs that grind faster which are capable of producing a good quality grind if they have a cooling mechanism or if the user allows them to cool in between grinding.

The Grind’s Speed

For commercial settings being able to grind more coffee means you are likely to get more business but this requires that all your processes run fast. High speed grinders will therefore help you grind a large amount of coffee fast. Regrettably, the speed of the grinder also affects the quality of the coffee as does the size of the burrs. High speed grinders are likely to burn the coffee while grinding which affects the taste and quality of the coffee brewed. It is important therefore to allow these grinders to cool at regular intervals to avoid overheating. However some high speed grinders are designed to prevent the coffee from overheating when it is being ground. This is an important feature especially for high volume grind requirements.

To stand out in the business of selling coffee, you will need to deliver high quality fresh coffee swiftly. This means that your coffee has to be ground perfectly and consistently each time. This takes some practice but you must have the right kind of equipment. A coffee grinder for a commercial business setting should be able to meet the right amount and types of grind needed at any particular time for such business. It should be fast enough yet be able to deliver the highest quality of ground coffee possible.

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