Enhancing The Profile Of Your Cup With Pulse-Jet Technology

aurelia wave

As a coffee machine that is filled with cutting-edge innovations guaranteeing consistent results, the Aurelia Wave continually amazes.

Immediately one is struck by the design as well as the ergonomic features, and a closer look quickly reveals a variety of integrated technologies, among which belongs the pulse-jet technology patented by Nuova Simonelli which immediately won over a large number of baristas and coffee chains.

Pulse-jet technology uses both pre-infusion and pulsed infusion to optimize the extractions process. Pulsing water over your coffee powder allows the powder to expand which makes for improved water percolation.

This pulse-jet technology splits the extraction process into three stages: pre-infusion, infusion, and post-infusion or tail. For every stage the barista has the freedom to decide how long to send the water and also how long to make the break.

A barista using this technology can define the length of the break as well as when the water should come back again. This technology is very easy to use and also delivers consistent results all day long.

The barista can also use the display to pre-program the duration and frequency of the water pulse.

The above may not sound significant to those who aren’t already savvy about brewing espresso, but essentially what this all means is that it gives the barista more control and more ability to individually tweak each cup of coffee.

For example the barista can use the versatility granted to him or her by the pulse-jet technology in order to highlight the fruity flavour or floral notes of a particular coffee bean.

Or, they can use it to try to reduce the bitterness of another type of coffee, or to increase the body or the sweetness of another. In short, the flexibility allows them to finely-tune each cup depending on the type of bean and on the tastes of the customer.

An Italian company whose presence in the coffee industry goes back many years, Nuova Simonelli has been making espresso machines since 1936.

Nowadays the company boasts a wide range of products able to satisfy the requirements of every facet of the hospitality trade.

The companies investments into research and development has brought about a number of new solutions as well as world recognition: the first ergonomic machines, cutting-edge applications, the Compasso d’Oro award for design innovation, and the World Barista Championship.

Their sales network is made up of serious professionals: sincere consultants that know the market well and can provide expert assistance on an ongoing basis.

The mission of Nuova Simonelli today is to continue investing into design, training, assistance, and research to help us play our part in the success of you and your business.

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