Now you can have Two Milk selections for any automatic coffee machine

For a very long time it has only been possible to have two foamed milk selections from very large super automatic coffee machines

Koffeeone has been working with Alan Rotherham to overcome this problem and develop a solution to this challenge

Alan is a well respected Engineer with 50 years experience in design, manufacturing and implementation and it is a sheer privlidge to work and partner with Alan to take his inventions world wide

The above video demonstrates our two milk option on A Nuova Simonelli Pronto, and shows the ease of delivering a selection of two milk styles to any automatic coffee machine.


One Milk  fridge

One milk foaming device

One milk pump or venturee system

Our video demonstrates the ease to operators how to switch between milk selections hygienically and quickly , This break through technology  will work with any automatic coffee machine and allow every coffee machine manufacturer the opportunity to provide their customers a selection of two milk products with out having to modify their existing machines

Koffeeone is in discussions with one of the world’s leading coffee machine milk fridge manufacturers to formulate a plan and a way to provide a fridge that will incorporate our device so every automatic coffee machine manufacturer in future can offer this feature

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Peter Walker  – CEO

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