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The Best Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine For Large Office 100 Employees+

First of all The Rex Royal S300 is a perfect super automatic espresso machine. Most of all its designed to make extraordinary espresso throughout the day. As a result producing consistent coffee for any huge office.

Due to the machines precise engineering it creates 100% pure espresso. Subsequently duplicating the task of a customary espresso machine. Because it grinds, Then Tamps. Finally pre-infusing and extracting the espresso coffee.

In addition The S300 corporate espresso machine creates a rich full extraction. Almost inaccessible from other corporate espresso machines utilizing plastic brewing units.

While producing has enormous stores of steam. With perfect temperature delivering excellent milk based beverages. Creating sweet and full tight miniaturized scale foam.

Most noteworthy the engineering of the S300 corporate espresso machine works productively. Therefore reducing costs of power consumption.

Producing extraordinary espresso is not its only feature . The Rex Royal S300 also creates splendid Hot chocolate. Combined with Chai Latte and other non espresso refreshments.  Due to the design of twin soluble drink canisters.

Furthermore The S300 is an extraordinary programmed corporate espresso machine.  In Conclusion the Rex Royal S300 is an all round superb coffee machine.


Options Available

  • Fridge
  • Fantastic Cup Warmer.
  • Additional Cup Warmer with Fridge.
  • Cup Dispenser

Flexibility – Interchangable bean and product containers with a capacity of up to 1.8kg.
Significance – Proven, efficient brewing group made with high-quality components.
Adaptability – Individually adjustable brewing pressure, variable grinder for precise extraction
Application – Espresso, Cappucciono, Latte, Flat White, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte
Operation – Optimised touch screen or touch light buttons for various operating concept.

  • Patented Metal Brewing Group
  • Twin stainless steel boilers
  • Twin instant drink canisters for hot chocolate , chai and other instant drinks
  • Width 352mm
  • Depth 600mm
  • Height 670mm
  • Plumbed or 3.6L tank option available
  • Energy efficient – runs off 10 amps
  • Touch screen with up to 24 product selections
  • Simple automated cleaning function


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Koffeeone is our current coffee machine supplier. What’s More Abb have been working with Koffeeone for several years partnering together to provide our staff sensational espresso coffee.

Another key Point is All our coffee equipment to our site is supplied by Koffeeone.

To Clarify It is so comforting to know we have a partner as professional as Koffeeone.

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