Nuova Simonelli Talento - Commercial Coffee Machine

commercial coffee machine

An Automatic Commercial Coffee Machine Suitable For Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs and Corporate Offices

The brand new Nuova Simonelli Talento super automatic commercial coffee machine is just 40 centimetres wide, which can produce 100% pure espresso coffee at a stunning rate all day.

When it comes to preparing a rich beverage menu with a choice of two different blends you can’t go past this sensational automatic commercial coffee machine.

automatic commercial coffee machine

Advantages of having a Talento Commercial Coffee Machine in your business

The Talento automatic commercial coffee machine is extremely quiet while it’s running.

The Talento automatic coffee machine is engineered to be highly reliable and Strong, designed in order to be efficient and able to face heavy-duty use without a problem.

Talento is very flexible and efficient, practical and easy to use, so it works in any type of location. Talento can make up to 240 espressos or 190 cappuccinos per hour, which cuts down on the waiting time for customers.

The Talento automatic coffee machine is extremely Compact At just 40 cm wide is the best espresso technology on the market.

The Talento Suitable for coffee shops, restaurants, high volume corporate offices, clubs and pubs and anywhere great coffee is required in large volumes.

Koffeeone have provided Australia club with our last three espresso coffee machines, our most recent is the Nuova Simonelli Talento.

Espresso coffee is a very important for our members and Koffeone have made it a real ease to provide them with sensational beverages.

It’s a real pleasure to work with Koffeeone

Tony Byrne

Operations Manager, Australian Club

  • Patented Metal Brewing Group
  • Twin stainless steel boilers
  • Optional twin Grinders
  • Width 400mm
  • Depth 608mm
  • Height 844mm
  • Simple automated cleaning function
  • Power Supply
  •       5400 Total Watt Element draw ( power  32 amp single phase )
  •        2700 Individual Element Draw (  20 amp single Phase )

Koffeeone have been supporting Goodman Fielder Here in Sydney and in our Auckland office for over 5 years.

Delivering 100% pure espresso every day which makes it a real pleasure to come to work, especially in the morning when we can all grab a sensational fresh coffee beverage at the touch of a button

Matthew Bates

Building Services Manager - Triniti, Goodman Fielder

commercial coffee machines