The secrets in making a great tasting espresso

Professional Espresso Machine

Pierro Platinum – Professional Espresso Machine

An espresso cannot stand out as a great beverage if it hasn’t been made properly without outstanding equipment and temperature control settings.

A common enhancement of temperature control in a professional espresso machine is the heat exchange system. A heat exchange system is a cycle where the cold brewing water runs through a divided system in the boiler, usually in an upwards motion.

Two common pieces of equipment, the thermostat and the pressure stat, are crucial in maintaining a balance of water temperature. A thermostat measures and controls the water temperature in the boiler. The pressure stat works by measuring and maintaining the pressure contained in the boiler.

A professional espresso machine can also balance water temperature by using either a heat exchanger or an independent boiler system.

Invest in a good brand professional espresso machine

Typically, professional espresso machines emphasise the use of boilers and innovative technology to balance temperature control. Hence, it is clear to see why some cheap and poorly manufactured boiler systems struggle to incorporate and maintain heat during stressful times.

Thankfully, many of our machines use a dual boiler system, which consists of one boiler for hot water and stem, and the other for all groups of coffee creation.

A PID system is an important system to utilise on every espresso machine, as it increases the stability of temperature control by working like ‘cruise control’ for great tasting coffee.

Professional espresso machines using these specified design systems are readily available here at Koffeeone.

Our models are designed to not only supply heat to the water in group heads, but also give you the choice of including an Independent Temperature Control system (ITC).

This system helps to create amazing coffees by adding cool water into the brewing water to keep the water at an ideal temperature. The consistent efforts by the ITC system guarantees an amazing espresso at a ready-to-drink temperature straight from the machine! The real question here is why wouldn’t you utilise an Independent Temperature Control system, when the system is so efficient and affordable!

During the extraction of an espresso, a heavier group head will retain more heat. This is anything but a problem, as this heat helps to produce the highest quality coffee.

In fact, it is not recommended to leave out any group handles, as this rejection will cool down the brewing water so much that it could result in a diverse range of odd tasting, inconsistent flavours. However, many baristas around the world believe that this process creates a higher quality coffee. Every one is entitled to their own opinion, right?

Coffee… Subjective, diverse & beautiful! For more information on the components of a professional espresso machine, or for help in deciding on the right espresso machine for you, call us at Koffeeone.