Rex Royal S300 Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine


Rex Royal S300 Automatic Coffee Machine

Comes With Matching Fridge – Dispenses Two Milks

Our Rex Royal S300 Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine is the Most Professional Coffee Machine On The Market. If you are looking for a world class commercial automatic coffee machine. This machine is first of all Fair in price . And is excellent quality and true value for money with outstanding performance?

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Rex Royal S300 Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine


Flexibility – Interchangable bean and product containers with a capacity of up to 1.8kg. Significance – Proven, efficient brewing group made with high-quality components. Adaptability – Individually adjustable brewing pressure, variable grinder for precise extraction Application – Espresso, Cappucciono, Latte, Flat White, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte Operation – Optimised touch screen or touch light buttons for various operating concept.

Most of all a sensational automatic coffee machine that produces the highest degree of coffee.  With perfect extraction regardless if its a single shot or a double shot and dispensing perfect with foam.

First of The frothing-up of the milk for a Cappuccino. Latte and Flat white has to be seen to be believed. All this quality and convenience at the single touch of a button. And designed to be attractive and sleek looking Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine. So as to compliment the décor of every modern office break out or kitchenette.

Collectively The integrated Coffee, and chocolate solution combined with fresh milk makes this automatic coffee machine the envy of all modern offices.

Furthermore The sophisticated Rex-Royal milk system guarantees fine foam of the highest level s a result.

Therefore if your choice of beverage is a sweet chocolate dream. And  a hint of Chai latte or an original Italian Espresso. Most Of All  The Rex Royal S300 will provide you with a delectable product as a result. Which can be enjoyed in no time and all at the touch of a button.



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