Pierro F3 Plus Commercial Automatic coffee machine


Pierro F3 Plus Commercial Automatic coffee machine is designed to deliver the very best espresso and milk-based coffee beverages, built in a commercial rotary pump. Auto Cleaning, Perfect Temperature Milk Foaming. All Round perfect commercial automatic coffee machines for all requirements.


Pierro F3 Flagship Premium

Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine

 Consistent excellence

Pierro Coffee Machines’ premium commercial flagship model. Designed for the most critical scenarios including cafes, convenience stores, bakeries, hotels, etc. The professional rotary pump offers stable pressures, efficient output as well as perfect consistency. One push of a button for dense, hot/cold milk froth. Your coffee inspirations can never fail. All super commercial automatic coffee machines produce coffee automatically. The Pierro F3 Plus Commercial Automatic Coffee Machine does more than just make coffee.

With its double boiler extracts the perfect espresso.  Improved milk foaming design produces the perfect foam at high temperatures. The built-in auto-cleaning feature ensures your machine is spotless at all times.  The Pierro F3 Plus is a machine to be seen to be believed.

Our latest flagship model is designed for high-volume venues and public spaces. Using a professional European rotary pump the coffee is delivered instantly with full control of each cup, with options to make iced coffees and chocolate with the touch of a button. If you ever wished for the perfect coffee in your office, then the Pierro F3 Plus has been designed for you. With its ability to produce traditional espresso beverages, you can also dial in your own beverage recipes and beverage choices. Koffeeone has been installing commercial automatic coffee machines for more than 30 years and has developed a team of professionals that are dedicated to ensuring the customer has the perfect solution for their requirements. Not only do we sell these magnificent machines, you can also rent or lease them, we can arrange a suitable purchasing structure to suit every business’s needs and requirements.  Just let us know your needs and we will tailor a solution and machine package for you. We know you will be extremely happy with your brand-new Pierro F3 Plus commercial automatic coffee machine. Nuova Simonelli.com.au 

Commercial Espresso Coffee Machine

Perfect Commercial Coffee Machine for all automated requirements


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