EazyV3 – Fully Automated Coffee Tamper


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EazyV – Fully Automated Coffee Tamper

The EazyV3 is the world’s most advanced coffee tamper. It’s fully automated and is designed to replace your traditional manual coffee tamper. The EazyV3 is manufactured entirely in Australia, using high quality stainless steel and aluminium, and they’re built to last.

Perfect Pressure Control

Take the Pressure off your Barista – they are not machines, and even the best can’t get it right every time. The EazyV3 allows you to select your desired tamping pressure on the LCD touchscreen – meaning there is one less thing to think about.The EazyV3 pushes anywhere between 5 – 30 kilos. Do you tamp once, or twice? The EazyV3 is customisable and like your preference, can also tamp once or twice. Let the machine do the hard, work for you. Now everyone on shift has the ability to pull a killer espresso shot.


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