Black Eagle Coffee Machine

Black Eagle Coffee Machine

Black Eagle Coffee Machine – When Only The Best Will do

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The Black Eagle uses Gravimetric Technology which gives users a higher level of consistency and control over coffee brewing with maximum precision.

Black Eagle is the espresso coffee machine designed for those people that dedicate themselves to coffee and that everyday study, research, and experiment to brew excellent coffee and provide a unique experience. Since 2015, it is the official machine of the World Barista Championship.

The charm of expertise

Precise and reliable, it is much more than a simple espresso coffee machine and gives an extra touch to the barista. It is a stable, consistent, and volumetric machine. Fit for specialty coffee shops. In the continuous research for a consistent result in the cup, many baristas tested and confirmed how much the volumetric system is better in achieving a constant product compared to the manual mode. The volumetric system of the Black Eagle ultimately responds to these needs. We wanted to create a machine for specialty baristas: We made it volumetric with maximum temperature stability that helps the barista in their everyday job. Our goal was to create the best relationship between barista and customer. The architect Viglino designed it with a delicate approach, with more curves and asymmetrical elements, making the product 49 centimeters high.
Koffeeone and Victoria Arduino work in partnership to deliver you the customer the very best espresso experience possible
Victoria Arduino  Black Eagle Coffee Machine Is Second To No Other Machine On The Market

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