Oscar II Coffee Machine
Oscar II Coffee Machine

The first of its kind

Uniting coffee lovers all around the world, the stylish Oscar II coffee machine was the first of its kind.

Oscar II is nothing but a professional espresso machine that caters for everyone, everywhere.

This professional espresso machine is perfect for small coffee houses, offices and can be easily used in the home.

Oscar II coffee machine – strength and durability

On first impression, the Oscar II coffee machine shows strength and durability in its design, featuring an extensive use of stainless steal to add to the look and feel of the machine.

The compact size of the Oscar II is what makes it perfect for use in so many settings, along with the reliable temperature compensated brewing unit delivering quality extractions.

For use in a professional space, the Oscar II could be exactly what you’re your business and clients needs. This machine is able to create high quality cafe beverages using its steaming systems and thermo-compensated group system.

With the Oscar II, you are given the option to use either the 2.3 litre reservoir or to connect to the machine directly to a water line for hot water to brew quality caffeinated beverages wherever the machine is housed.

For the most efficient and powerful professional coffee machines, look no further than the Oscar II.

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