Best Office Espresso MachineIf you haven’t already noticed, the good old glass pitcher of filter coffee has become less popular in the corporate office environment.

Even though the decreasing demand for filter coffee might not affect you personally, there are plenty of reasons why other corporates have moved away from using these machines.

1. First Benefit Of Office Espresso Machine

Firstly, there is the issue with the amount of wastage that comes with drinking filter coffee from a communal pitcher.

The last few cups of coffee in the pitcher usually end up being washed down the sink, due to the coffee being left on an intensive amount of heat for quite a while between people serving themselves a cup of coffee. These days, office managers have realised that an office espresso machine would be more efficient in eliminating the waste by serving single portions of coffee.

2. Second Benefit Of Office Espresso Machine

Eemployees can stop using the coffee pot as an excuse to waste time. Managers are progressively pushing for efficiency, and with that staff having to waiting for their coffee is a big no-no.

Office espresso machine are capable of serving up a coffee in less than a minute, ensuring that there will be no time wastage.

3. Third Benefit Of Office Espresso Machine

Thirdly, the sugar and milk that any office supply to their employees for their black coffee’s generally is consumed for other non-coffee items, such as cereals, lunches and protein shakes. These expenses can catch up in the long run and the negativity arising from a lack of milk in the office are two obvious reasons why an office might upgrade to an office espresso machine.

Our office espresso machines store all the ingredients needed to create the perfect coffee, so there is no need to hassle employees to top up the milk and supply in the office.

Finally, the quality of the coffees created by office espresso machines are of the same high standards of those beverages made by a local coffee shop. The sophisticated technology in our corporate espresso machine allows for a precise extraction of high quality coffee from real coffee beans.

When you consider the cost advantages of installing an office coffee vending machine in your workplace, you’d be foolish not to! All factors including milk and sugar usage & storage as well as the creation of high quality coffees without leaving the office, are just examples of how these corporate espresso machines pay for themselves.

At Koffeeone, we pride ourselves on delivering you the highest quality corporate espresso machines, so give us a call today for an audit on your office espresso machine.

We will help you find the best office coffee machine system for all of your needs.