Koffeeone supplying Australian offices quality Italian coffee beans

roasted-coffee-beans-wholesaleThroughout turbulent economic conditions, it might be hard to find an affordable way to show your appreciation to your staff, especially if you find yourself cutting back on expenses.

Many companies in Australia, found that their staff don’t take to kindly to any kind of spending cuts, harsh or minimal. These companies also began to find that many of their key staff either strictly kept to their working hours by not working over time or finishing work at home, or ended up finding a job at a new company.

A quality office coffee machine with quality coffee beans, helps staff morale

A great and simple answer to problems similar to this is to think outside the box, and look into providing a quality coffee for the office.

Coffee is the most known and loved beverage in the world due to it being the best type of ‘pick-me up’ in the morning.

The staff at Koffeeone are passionate and care equally about the taste and quality of the coffee, the espresso machines themselves, and the sense of fulfillment from your staff when they taste good coffee each day.

That is why they have quickly become a well respected office coffee supplier – both in equipment and fresh coffee beans.

Koffeeone proudly supplies offices all over Australia with the Pierro coffee bean range (imported directly from Italy), as well as the popular Arabella Espresso Machine Blends.

An office coffee supplier who works with you

The team at Koffeeone understand your conflicting aims to keep expenses low but keep office morale high, which is why we try our hardest to give you high quality, brilliant tasting coffee at great value.

We believe that espresso machines are not just espresso machines, but a fragment of an integrated structure of quality ingredients, a good set-up and accurate measures. We as espresso machine supplier will actually deliver on our promises of ‘first-time-right’ repairs and great service with on time delivery.

Keeping office morale high and staff happy whilst keeping a lid on expenses doesn’t have to be difficult.

The team at Koffeeone are always happy to take your call and work out the best solution for you, and you can rest assured that we will always be ready to maintain, repair and clean your office coffee machine, and supply you great tasting coffee beans to match!