Office Coffee Diversity

Office Coffee options are more diverse than one may think.

Employees are not satisfied with a regular home coffee maker as it does not fit the job for large offices with regular coffee drinkers.

Apart from full-out barista style coffee brewers, there are plenty of alternatives to the home coffee maker that are intended for use in an office.

Office Coffee Options – Filter packs

All employers know that one of the biggest problems with having a coffee machine in the office is that the job of scooping grounds and replacing the old filter regularly gets ignored, which leaves employees not wanting to make a fresh pot of coffee.

Fortunately, pre packaged envelopes of coffee grounds are available on the market.

With pre packaged filter packs, you don’t need to measure out the portion sizes, meaning theres no mess.

Office Coffee Options – Pour over machines

Pourover coffee machines are a good solution to coffee in the office, as they are able to brew a full pot of coffee in a very short amount of time.

In these machines, water is boiled in a separate carafe before being poured over the filter of coffee grounds, flowing very quickly unlike regular machines with water that flows drip by drip.

Office Coffee Options – Airpots

Standard coffee decanters stay in the machine to maintain its heat on its heating plate. Give your coffee more longevity by using an airpot.

Whether your office has a pourover or drip machine, the thermal airpot will allow your staff to dispense coffee at their own will for hours as it remains hot.

Those were just a small selection of office coffee options available to make your lunchroom run more efficiently whilst supplying your colleagues and staff with great coffee as well.