Office Coffee Beans

The ROI Of Using Better Office Coffee Beans

When it comes to office moments, we all love the socials, freebies, bonuses and without forgetting the fun games that we get to engage in in the office. But one thing for sure is that nothing offers better value for money than quality coffee supply.

I todays article we would like to focus on educating you on the different ways that office coffee can deliver ROI.

It does not matter about what your business does, the main point is that buying the best office coffee beans is worth while investment.

Benefits of creating good office coffee

1. Increase productivity.

Coffee is a real booster especially if you start to lose concentration or sleep starts to kick in a while working.therefore not only does coffee help you stay awake and active while working but it also helps you remain active and be more productive to the company.

How? Drinking coffee regularly improves your attentiveness hence helping you to be more focused and concentrate as well. It also helps the employees to be more engaged, happy and energetic. This is according to a survey carried out by Life hack.

From the study, 46 percent of the workers reported that coffee enables them to be more productive, 20 percent said that with coffee they could socialize well with their colleagues while 10 percent said with coffee their concentration level is quite high.The best times to take coffee while in the office should be during the afternoon and in the evening since these are times that sleep tends to kick in.

2. Boost morale.

If there are quality and warm coffee in the office, this alone will make the employee enthusiatic to get to work. Good coffee will make their day run smoothly without forgetting the cash they get to save for not buying a cup from java.

3. Community and company culture.

The coffee break is an excellent time to have some chit chats with your colleagues.It also provides an opportunity for you and your team to come up with tactics of how to tackle various projects and come up with new ideas as well. So the coffee moment helps you in socializing better something you don’t get to do while working.

According to Earl Wilson, coffee break is the best time to exercise and strengthen your communication system as employees.A healthy and collaborative culture in an organization brings about sharing of processes and purposes that give people the chance to work as a team.So each company should invest in good coffee to achieve good team results.

4. Attracts top talent.

Taking care of employees will attract more people to your company and what a better way to do it than using coffee.Well, am speaking of experience and our staff can attest to the fact that good coffee brings along good employees.

A cup of coffee brings about excitement, inspirations and also improves productivity and innovation among the employees. So let’s all adopt the coffee culture to create a useful and more productive working environment.Follow my blog for the next few months I will be educating you on the ROI of better office coffee.

Deal Direct With The Office Coffee Machine Supplier / Wholesaler

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Peter Walker CEO KoffeeOne

Coffee machine supplier, Koffeeone has evolved considerably since its foundation and now distributes the very best commercial coffee machines from Italy, as well as now manufacturing their very own Pierro office coffee machine range.

Koffeeone was formed in 1999 with the goal to supply wholesale priced corporate coffee machines, office coffee machines and espresso coffee machines to cafe’s, restaurants, corporate offices and registered clubs.

To ensure their clients receive the very best support on their range of coffee machines Koffeeone provide full service support for each and every one of their customers, large or small.

Peter Walker, CEO of Koffeeone states, “We ensure we only supply the very best office coffee machines. Why ? To ensure the longevity of operation, to make sure your coffee machine requires minimal operational attention by your staff and are very easy to maintain and use.”

He continues, “When you order your commercial coffee machine direct form the importer and wholesaler you can be ensured you are dealing with a company who has been in business for over 15 years and has served many continuing and long standing customers.”