nuova simonelli pronto automatic coffee machine

Top of the line super automatic coffee machine

Prontobar is the newest top of the line super automatic machine Nuova Simonelli available now.

Ideal for those in the market sector who are looking for a high quality, yet easy to use machine. Prontobar can be adjusted to suit your needs, as it is customisable with either a direct connection to water mains or with a tank, as well as coming in one or two grinder options.

The Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed Version

The Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine Plumbed Version features all the qualities of a professional espresso machine in its little 33cm wide frame.

The most multifaceted machine of its kind presents to you a wide selection of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated hot beverages. The improved delivery coffee group comes standard with updated mechanics and electronic temperature compensation, ensuring that every drink is high quality, and the long life of the machine.

Enjoy the sound of silences with the silent grinder unit.

The Nuova Simonelli Pronto Automatic Coffee Machine also features improved internal components and groups to produce consistently high-quality coffees that are still easy to maintain. All internal and external components have a modular design, saving you time and effort on maintenance.